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Why Can't I Lose Weight Running? 20 Tops Tips for Improved Body Composition.

Lots of people start out their running journey with the desire to lose weight. However, it’s surprisingly difficult to lose weight just from running!

Exercise burns calories, so it you’re not eating more than you’re burning you should lose weight. Right?

So why doesn’t the dial move?

You’re burning FAT when you exercise, as well as carbohydrate, which is great news if that’s your goal. But running also causes other changes to your body. If you’re new to running, or stepping up a distance, then your new running programme will be making changes to your BODY COMPOSITION. You’re going to be using your MUSCLES more. And guess what, used muscles GROW bigger, and you’ll be toning up!

Toning up your body and increasing the proportion of MUSCLE to FAT is great news, and I bet your clothes are feeling looser as well.

But the dial isn’t moving!

That’s because MUSCLE weighs MORE than fat. So you might not be losing weight, might even gain a few pounds, but guess what, your BODY COMPOSITION is getting LEANER, and that’s what’s important.

The other thing that running regularly will do, apart from making you AWESOME of course, is to train your body to be more efficient at burning energy and storing GLYCOGEN (the form of carbohydrate stored in the liver and muscles that your body burns for fuel). Great news!

However, back to the scales again, WATER is stored alongside GLYCOGEN, so once again this might be why you’re not losing weight.

It’s not all bad, as we need both GLYCOGEN and WATER for running to make sure we’re fuelled for training and well hydrated. The additional water stored in your body will help you start off your training in great shape!

OK, so now you know some of the reasons why you’re not losing (much) weight from all that running, there are still a few things you can CHANGE that WILL make a contribution to WEIGHTLOSS.

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