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Fabulous Fundraising Ideas to Start Pulling in the Cash

You’ve finally made the decision to run London, to realise your long held dream of running a marathon. But your chosen charity, the one so close to your heart won’t tell you until January whether you’re in.

If that’s you, you’re not alone.

Whilst it’s great if you do have your charity place confirmed, it’s not essential to start your fundraising.

Most charities with Golden or Silver Bond places to run London ask you to raise at least £2,000 to run. That’s a lot! So the sooner you start your fundraising, the sooner you can be confident you’ll get the cash to run your race!

Don’t wait until New Year!

Here are four speedy start Fabulous Fundraising Ideas to Start Pulling in the Cash. All are ideas to get going with right now, even if you’ve not finalised which charity you’re running, so you can make a start on raising oodles of cash before Christmas.

Car boot sale

We all have ‘too much stuff’ stored away. It’s time to sort it all out!. Get rummaging in wardrobes and check in the loft and find clothes, books and ‘stuff’ that’s not used to sell at your local car boot sale.

Maybe you’re tidy and there’s not much around, so ask your friends for their ‘unloved stuff’.

Starting your fundraising with a car boot sale will give you a boost that you’re started!

Sell items on eBay

As you’re rummaging away you’ll probably come across items that are ‘too good’ for the car boot sale. In which case get them listed on eBay instead.

Selling on eBay, it’s almost zero effort fundraising!

Supermarket Bag Pack

Hands up if you love your weekly supermarket shop? Thought so!

So why not lend a helping hand and do a bag pack at your local supermarket, for a fee or in exchange for a donation to your charity.

Cake Sale

Who doesn't love cake! Even if you're not a baker holding a cake sale or baking a few cakes to sell to friends, family on to hungry colleagues at work is a must do for every marathon charity fundraiser.

Tuck Shop

If your baking skills are really zero, then why not set up a tuck shop at work.

Buy your favourite nibbles and treats and sell from your desk to hungry colleagues. Offer fruit, nuts and other more 'wholesome' treats for variety. Don't forget you can also sell homemade goodies for an even bigger mark-up!

If you’re stuck for ideas, I’ve got loads … Get my 25+ Fabulous Fundraising Ideas, you can get started with right now for even more, tried and tested marathon fundraising ideas.

The sooner you start … the sooner you can be confident you’re bringing in the cash before Christmas!

You got this!

Helen x

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