• Helen Phillips

Eat right for recovery

Now I'm marathon training how can I recover quickly from my runs?

That's a question I get asked a lot. So let me tell you a little about PROTEIN and IRON, and why they are both important for exercise and recovery.

Runners Need a LITTLE MORE Quality Protein in their Diets for Recovery

When you run you make small micro tears in your muscles that need to be repaired to build a strong body for running. So if you're a runner it is important to eat good amounts of lean protein, to facilitate repair of your worked muscles after a run. You should be including protein in most of your meals throughout the day.

Chicken, turkey, beans, pulses, eggs, fish and milk are great sources of protein and you should aim to eat about a palm sized portion of protein at every meal, which probably isn't much different if you're already eating a balanced healthy western diet.

After Long Runs Eat IRON RICH Food

If you're a runner training for a half or full marathon and you're feeling sluggish, lacking in energy and generally out of sorts it could be that you're low in iron.

Anaemia, being low in iron, is a common problem amongst endurance runners

When we run our feet strike the ground with considerable force and the repetitive foot-strike action has the effect of bashing up and destroying red blood cells, releasing valuable iron which is excreted.

As endurance runners we're often running a number of times a week and if in training, including a long run, which means we're at greater risk of destroying more red blood cells running than someone who only occasionally goes out training.

Red Blood Cells are important to carry nutrients around the body

Our red blood cells are important, as they carry nutrients and oxygen around the body.

When we run we need fuel (glycogen) and oxygen to be transported to our muscles to power running and for waste products to be taken away to be excreted from the body.

If you're lacking in energy you could be low in iron and could be anaemic. If you think you might be suffering it's important to see your GP for advice.

Eat an iron rich diet when you're training

But there are some things you can to help avoid this problem. I always recommend that my running clients make sure that they're eating an iron rich diet when they're training.

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