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Food for Fitness Tip #4: PERFECT YOUR PORTION SIZE

Food for Fitness Tip #4: PERFECT YOUR PORTION SIZE

Lots of us took up running to lose weight. But find, after initial success in the first few months, weight-loss plateaus or worse … you start to put weight on!

What’s going on?

One reason is that running, increasing the number and duration of hard workouts you do, increases your metabolism. That’s great, but an increased metabolism means increased appetite, and runger.

Have you ever felt SO HUNGRY after running you could EAT THE FRIDGE! (because you’ve eaten everything inside it already!)

When running becomes part of your life it’s important to not only improve the overall nutrition in your diet, but make sure you’re eating the right amount of food at the right time, for energy and to realise your weight-loss goal.

The first time I trained for a marathon I thought it was open season on eating as much as I liked!

I piled my plate high. Pigged out on massive piles of pasta and snacked all the time on chocolate, cookies and cake.

You can guess what happened!

Most of us don't think about portion size when we eat. We pile our plate with the same amount of food each day, with the amount that ‘fits the plate’, the amount in the packet or however much we’ve cooked. But eating a healthy diet it’s important to eat the right amount too.

Do you know what a portion looks like?

We’re all different. Different body sizes and weights. We’ve different metabolism and do different amounts of exercise. So what is an appropriate portion size varies from person to person.

Did you know, you can use your hand to estimate what’s a portion for you?

Our hands are a reflection of our body size, so are a great starting point for you to estimate how much you should be eating.

Hold up your hand … the palm of your hand is the size of a portion of protein.

Cup your hand … the amount of food you can fit into your hand is a portion of starchy carbs.

Form a fist … this is the amount of fruit or veg in one portion.

Thumb … is a portion of fat, such as cheese

Use your hand as the starting point for how much to eat, and vary up or down depending on the amount of exercise you’re doing.

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Let’s do this!

Helen x

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