• Helen Phillips

Food for Fitness Tip #2 Eat More Real Food

Food for Fitness Tip #2: EAT MORE REAL FOOD

With our increasingly busy lives, and especially when we’re training, it’s so tempting to get home from work or a run and grab food that’ just ‘there’ or most convenient to eat.

Are you guilty of pigging out on pizza once too often?

Convenience foods, take-aways, ready meals, snacks and treats are just that … convenient. But they’re often high in calories, high in fat, salt and sugar and low in fibre and essential nutrients.

As a one off treat they’re ok, but if your diet is beginning to rely on the convenience of these foods then you’re not doing your running, or your health any good.

Here are 3 ways that’ll help you quit your convenience habit.

Plan your meals in advance

Meal planning, thinking of what you’re going to eat in advance will help you make better food choices. By planning, maybe weekly, in advance you’ll build better balance and a great variety of foods into your diet meaning you’ll eat a wider range of nutrients essential for good health.

Plan your snacks

You know you’re going to eat them, so let’s not hide them! But not planning what and when you’re going to snack during the day can lead you to make poor snack choices, eating chocolate, crisps, cookies and cake.

Plan what you’re going to eat and when, and make healthier snacking choices instead.

Prepare food in advance

If you’re busy during the week, the last think you’ll want to be doing when you get home from work is to prep and cook a massive meal. I’m a foodie and I love to cook, but that’s even too much for me!

Instead batch cook double when you’ve time, at weekends, and freeze meals for later.

That way you’ll be able to ensure you’re eating to have the right energy to train and getting good nutrients for a healthy life.

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