• Helen Phillips

Plan for Your Fundraising Profits

You’ve finally made the decision to enter London and realise your long held dream of running a marathon.

You’re so, so, so excited!

Getting a place to run through the ballot is ‘virtually impossible’. So if London is your dream then contact your favourite charity for a Golden Bond spot.

Most charities with Golden Bond places to run London ask you to raise at least £2,000 to run. That’s a lot! So the sooner you start your fundraising, the sooner you can be confident you’ll get the cash to run!

Don’t wait until winter!

It’s time to get organised and plan out how you’re going to raise all that money! Read on for my tips for planning your fundraising, so that you can be confident to get the cash rolling in before Christmas!

WHAT are you going to do?

The first part of any fundraising plan is to finalise how you’re going to raise the cash and decide on the events, or goods that you’re going to sell.

Lots of people running their first marathon rely on the generosity of friends and family as their sole fundraising, but relying on this, come February you’ll be fraught with frustration! There are so many ‘giving’ opportunities around these days, that unless you’ve got some very generous friends it’s going to be difficult to raise the full amount from sponsorship or donations. It’s much better to plan events, or sell goods or services for your fundraising.

Think about your talents and the time you’ve got available and come up with a couple of BIG fundraisers and a few smaller ideas that you could do to top up the cash nearer the time. If you’re stuck for ideas download my 25+ Fabulous Fundraising Ideas, you can get started with right now. I’ve included ideas for events, things to make and other things to sell.

WHEN will you do it?

Next plan out when you’re planning to hold your event or sell your goods or services.

Factor in lead times and the amount of work involved (pro tip: you don’t need to do everything yourself, involve friends and family in your fundraising) to prepare and host your event, make things to sell and if you’re selling goods or services and sending them to buyers, think about the time it’ll take to do.

It’s always a good idea to start your preparation well in advance. Book venues, Christmas Fayre stalls and bands now and give yourself plenty of time to promote and publicise your your event, goods or services.

If you’re planning large-scale events, such as a charity ball, make sure these don’t clash with any races or very long runs you’ll do. Running 20 miles with a ‘school disco hangover’ won’t be fun!

HOW will you do it?

As a project manager, I break down everything I do into tasks and actions and find writing everything down helps. You don’t need big ‘formal GAANT charts’ a to-do list will do!

As you start listing out everything you need to do, you’ll think of other things. So write it all down.

WHO will do it?

Then work out who will do each of your tasks. Remember, you don’t have to do everything. Fundraising is one part of your marathon preparation that friends and family can get involved with too.

Make sure everyone who helps knows what you need them to do, and by when, so you’ve confirmed the support you need ahead of time.

Then get going!

Planning your fundraising, breaking it down into manageable chunks will make your ultimate goal less intimidating. You’ll be less like to procrastinate and put it off too.

If you’re stuck for ideas, I’ve got loads … Get my 25+ Fabulous Fundraising Ideas, you can get started with right now for even more, tried and tested marathon fundraising ideas.

The sooner you start … the sooner you can be confident you’re bringing in the cash before Christmas!

You got this!