• Helen Phillips

Fast Start Fundraising

Fast Start Fundraising ideas to get going with right now, even if you’ve not finalised which charity you’re running, so you can make a start on raising the cash before Christmas.

You’ve finally made the decision to enter London, to realise your long held dream of running a marathon. But your chosen charity, the one so close to your heart won’t tell you until October whether you’re in.

If that’s you, you’re not alone.

Whilst it’s great if you do have your charity place confirmed, it’s not essential to start your fundraising.

Most charities with Golden or Silver Bond places to run London ask you to raise at least £2,000 to run. That’s a lot! So the sooner you start your fundraising, the sooner you can be confident you’ll get the cash to run!

Don’t wait until winter!

Here are four speedy start summer fundraisers to get you started.

Car boot sale

We all have ‘too much stuff’ stored away. It’s time to sort it all out!. Get rummaging in wardrobes and check in the loft and find clothes, books and ‘stuff’ that’s not used to sell at your local car boot sale.

Maybe you’re tidy and there’s not much around, so ask your friends for their ‘unloved stuff’.

Starting your fundraising with a car boot sale will give you a boost that you’re started!

Sell items on eBay

As you’re rummaging away you’ll probably come across items that are ‘too good’ for the car boot sale. In which case get them listed on eBay instead.

Selling on eBay, it’s almost zero effort fundraising!

Summer sports sweepstake

There are so many sports events this summer, so why not hold a ‘Grand National’-style sweepstake. Sell teams for £1 and winner takes half your takings.

The Football League kicks off mid August and Strictly in September, so don’t forget to plan your sweepstakes for those too.

Summer fête stall

Summer is the time for village fetes and festivals. So grab yourself a pitch and let’s have some fun!

You could do a tombola, coconut shy, plant or cake stall or a ‘guess the name of the (BIG) bear’.

If you’ve missed your local summer fête, check out the dates for Christmas lights switch on’s and fayres. Book yourself a pitch and start planning!

If you’re stuck for ideas, I’ve got loads … Get my 25+ Fabulous Fundraising Ideas, you can get started with right now for even more, tried and tested marathon fundraising ideas.

The sooner you start … the sooner you can be confident you’re bringing in the cash before Christmas!

You got this!

Helen x