• Helen Phillips

5 Ideas for Festive Fundraising

About 30% of charitable giving occurs in the month of December with 10% coming in in the last 3 days of the year alone!

To maximise the cash raised for your marathon fundraising you need to make sure you have some good solid plans for Christmas to take advantage of this charitable window

Here are 5 Ideas for Festive Fundraising to give cash raised for your charity a Christmas boost.

Helping Hands

Everyone is busy through December and in the lead-up to Christmas. So why not help out by providing a Helping Hand this Christmas … for a small donation to your charity!

EVERYONE does bag packing at supermarkets (as the manager whether you can do this, most say yes, but some don’t!), so how about a different service. Offer to gift wrap at a local store instead!

Christmas Events

December is a busy month, but there’s no reason why your event shouldn’t be the GO TO event this year.

Here are a few ideas, beyond the usual Christmas office party frolics.

Christmas Cake, Mince-pie or even a Cheesecake Contest

Participants enter their best creations in a competition. You can also ask them for their recipes, create a recipe book to sell. Everyone wants grandmas secret recipe … but it’s gonna cost!

Breakfast with Santa

Host a brunch or breakfast party. Sell tickets and have Santa's helpers serve a lovely Christmas themed breakfast.

While breakfast is being served Santa wanders around Ho Ho ing and asking if people have been good and what they’re wanting for Christmas and making sure everyone has a great time.

Sell Christmas Themed Gifts

Stuck for pressie ideas for your loved ones? Solve the problem by selling Christmas themed gifts.

You could always sell Christmas cakes and other goodies, but here are a few different ideas you might like to try.

New Year Calendar

A little bit of work, but how about creating and selling a calendar to support your cause.

Alternate pictures of you along your running and marathon training journey with pictures from your charity.

Pet Gift Hampers

Simply buy bits and pieces from a pet store then put them together to make nice Christmas hamper combinations. Add a nice label and a bit of ribbon for a fantastic festive look.

This would be a great fundraiser if you were running for an animal charity.

Final Festive Fundraising … On Christmas Day

You’ll probably with a large group of friends and family on Christmas day, so don’t forget to plug your marathon and the cause you’re running for. Be bold and ask for donations!

Also send a Happy Christmas message to all your friends and address-book contacts with a link to your fundraising page, as well a posting a message to Facebook and other social media accounts, with your fundraising page link.

It might be months before Christmas, but the sooner you’ve planned and organised the fundraising the sooner you can count the cash.

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You got this!

Helen x