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Sugar Retox Fudge

I'm training for Race the The Stones this July. Rather than 'eating' gels for 12 hours of run:walking I've been experimenting with real food.

My gut is totally ok with gels and I've found what works for me training for and running marathons, but real food jumping around in my stomach freaks me out.

I've been trying various thing to get my stomach and body used to chewing and running with 'real food' sloshing about, but nothing has really given me that 'sugar hit' I need to keep going.

Talking with a few ultra running friends it was suggested I try fudge, so I've made a batch of my Sugar Retox Fudge. This made 25 pieces, which (I've calculated) gives about 25g of carbs per block, which is similar to the amount of sugar in a gel. Fingers crossed these give me the 'on-the-run sugar rush' I will need!

It's pretty easy, but you do need a sugar thermometer and a bit of patience (I had a boil over accident and the mess formed toffee on my stove as I continued to heat the pot ... that was fun cleaning up!)

First heat 300ml mile in a heavy based saucepan. Once the milk is boiling carefully add in 100g butter and 550g sugar (just the regular white stuff will do ... this is no time to get sugar squeamish!).

Heat gently whilst stirring until the butter and sugar dissolves then bring to the boil.

Boil the molten mix for about 15 - 20 minutes, stirring to made sure that the sugar doesn't catch on the bottom of the pan. Check the temperature of the mix. You need to continue boiling and stirring until the temperature reaches 116C, the soft ball stage.

Once it's reached the correct temperature, remove from the heat and allow to cool a little before adding in 2 tsp vanilla extract.

Beat the fudge until it's thick then pour into a lined 20cm square tin. Mark the fudge into portions (25) and leave to cool. Once cool cut along the lines.

Fingers crossed this does the trick to fuel my long long runs!

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