• Helen Phillips

My Greek-Style Salad

I love a summer salad and Greek Salad My Way is a great main or side dish to make.

I've also made this substituting feta for tuna and it's even more delicious.

The observant of you will see no cucumber ... I can't stand it. But a Greek salad isn't a Greek salad without it! So do your own thing and enjoy!

Peel and finely slice a small red onion. Add to a bowl then then sprinkle over a tbs of dried oregano and some pepper. Add 1 tbs red wine vinegar and 4 tbs olive oil. Give everything a good stir and leave for a few hours.

What happens is that the onion gets a little pickled and looses it’s tartness.

Cut 4 nice juicy ripe tomatoes into quarters, then halve the quarters. Cut a chunk of cucumber into chunky disks (about 1cm) and then cut the disks into quarters. Cut feta into chunks, the size of the tomatoes.

Tear a lettuce into pieces and use to line a salad bowl.

Add the onions, plus their juice tomatoes, cucumber and feta, with a handful of black olives to the lettuce and serve.

This is so easy and adaptable.