• Helen Phillips

I Want to Run a Marathon. How Should I Start?

WOW! How exciting you want to run your first marathon!

It wasn't that long ago that I was in your shoes. Excited but nervous about whether I'd ever be able to run that distance.


Since 2015 I've ran 10 marathons ... and I've more planned this year.

Watch the video for my suggestions for How to Get Your Training Started Right Now!

If you're in the London Marathon ballot or planning on running another marathon next year, come and join London Marathon Training & Support Facebook Group. It's the best running group for first and next time marathoners and a great place to get your marathon training and prep advice.

For lots of other get ahead running, training and preparation advice you should also download my Get Ahead Marathon Preparation Guide right HERE

Hope to see you again very soon!

Helen x

The Cheesecake Runner

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