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Roasted Summer Veg

I picked up a big bag of courgettes at the market today, so decided to roast a massive vat of summer veg to eat with pasta.

Eating plenty of fruit and veg is essential for good health

Eating plenty of fruit and veg is essential for good health, for all the amazing vitamins and minerals they contain as well as fibre that's essential for good gut health. And as a marathon runner in training I'm putting my body through lots of hard workouts right now, so I need even more good nutrition in my meals!

Here's what I did and it's super super easy!

I chopped up 2 onions into chunks, cut 3 courgettes in half length ways and 2 aubergines into quarters, again length ways, and then each “veg sausage” into ~1 cm slices. I love red and yellow peppers, so cut 2 red and 2 yellow into similar sized chunks. I find the green ones too bitter, so kept that one out of my veg dish. And mixed the veg in a large roasting tin.

We’re going Anglo-Mediterranean here, so must have garlic. Lots of garlic. I once made this dish the night before I started a new job. The next day, not realising that my pores were seeping garlic, I was adding a pungent aroma to my new office. My boss was too polite to comment there and then, but once we got to know each other, over beers one Friday he confessed he’d christened me “garlic-girl” that day. Hey, garlic is good for the blood. I’ve been called worse!

So back to the veg. I peeled and sliced 4 cloves and mixed the pieces through the veg, before sprinkling with some Mediterranean herbs (I think oregano is in my herbs pot, but its lost its label!) and a generous pinch of chilli flakes.

I splashed the veg with a good slug of olive oil and ground over black pepper and some sea salt before roasting in a hot oven (200C) for about 1 hour.

After 20 mins or so I gave it a look. Some bits of veg had stuck in the corners and were starting to charr, but other veg were less well cooked. Not to worry. I gave everything an balancing out stir.

After another 20 mins or so I added a tin of chopped tomatoes along with about 1 tablespoon glug of balsamic vinegar, before returning the tin to the oven for the remaining cooking time.

I served this summer roast veg as a chunky pasta sauce and I'll eat what's left with some grilled meat tomorrow.

If I’m using the veg as a pasta sauce I usually throw in a rinsed tin of beans (kidney, butter, chick peas or whatever you have to hand), to add some protein to my meal.

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