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Race Day Disappointment #4 You're Way Off Your Fundraising Target

Fundraising is tough NOT GONNA MAKE IT

Did you sign up with a charity to run London, ignoring your fundraising pledge, just hoping and praying the money will start to roll in. And then stressing and agonising in April that you're still way off what you said you'd raise.

You've heading for Race Day Disappointment #4 You're Way Off Your Fundraising Target

I've done it too! The first marathon I ran I didn't think about fundraising. I just assumed the fact I was running a marathon was enough to get my friends to dig deep. As race day approached I was more stressed and worried about my just giving account, than getting myself prepared to race.

I begged, pleaded, embarrassed and cajoled everyone I knew ... pissing off more than a few!

Let's be honest (for fear of upsetting a few), the main reason to run London is to ... RUN LONDON! And since securing yourself a sport at the start in the ballot is near on impossible you've signed up with a charity instead.

I've found fundraising for a charity, any charity, is incredibly hard unless you've got focus and a plan.

It's tempting to ignore it, then blast 'sponsor me emails' to everyone you know in the hope that the cash will roll in.

My Six Segments to Marathon Training Success will Help you Reach Your Fundraising Target!

Celebrate your fundraising success.  You got this!

It can be difficult to come up with ideas that will draw in the cash and fundraising can feel impossible if you don't have a plan.

You need ideas that are easy and don't take up too much of your time. You need to hold events your friends and family will love ... and you need to sell goodies that will sell out!

I have a whole module for fundraising for your marathon, in my Marathon Club Hub plan.

In Fabulous Fundraising we brainstorm ideas best for you to do. Plan events for each season, so you start early and you're not super stressed come next spring. I'll also coach you with follow up to make sure you're following though with your plan!

Get the funds rolling in for your fundraising for race day success!!

Click HERE to find out more about Marathon Club Hub for Fabulous Fundraising ideas for race day success!

Marathon Club Hub your path to the finish-line

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