• Helen Phillips

Race Day Disappointment #3 You're Carrying Extra Race Weight

How often have you 'been good' and 'eaten clean' all day ... then go running and struggle ... and later it all goes to pot. You pig out on everything on the plate!

I hear it all the time "I'm good at being good ... until I'm bad ... then I'M VERY BAD!!!" But that's just not good eating ... That's BOOM AND BUST disordered eating!

You see, if you keep 'running on empty' then 'eat all of the food', or pile your plate with increasingly larger mountains of food your training will crash and you'll start putting on weight, which really won't be great for your race!

You've got Race Day Disappointment #3 You're Carrying Extra Race Weight

Let's be honest, you started running because you wanted to lose weight and thought it would be easy to shift once you started training. You didn't expect to be piling on pounds after you've been pounding the pavements for hours!

At first I found easing right for my marathon training tough, because I really love food. Marathon training gave me the excuse I need to supersize my plates.

Porky became Super-Pork and I struggled to fit in my jeans!

But dieting whilst training can be disastrous too. Restricting your food or 'eating clean' can mean you're missing out on nutrition vital for energy, recovery and repair.

You've got a choice ... keep running on empty or challenge yourself to change to eat the right food for fitness for a fabulous race!

There's so much bad 'food advice' on Facebook peddled by 'celebrity' Fitpros that might be ok for rapid weight-loss for a week but won't work for your sport.

My Six Segments to Marathon Training Success gives you specific Eat Right for Your Marathon support

Eating right to support your marathon training can be confusing unless you have a formula to follow that fits with and supports your plan.

In my Marathon Club Hub marathon coaching programme my Food for Fitness advice helps you understand what to eat, when and why ... so you have the energy to train and eat right for recovery, without putting on weight.

Eat right for your marathon for race day success!!

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