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Race Day Disappointment #2 I Crashed! I Hit The Wall

Have you ever CRASHED AND BURNED on a long run?

How often have you gone out for your weekly long run first thing, without thinking about food. You think you'll be fine, it's only a few miles, but you bonk badly many miles away from home.

You've hit Race Day Disappointment #2 I Crashed! I Hit The Wall

I've done it too! And I just couldn't understand why. I could easily race a half, but in training I kept failing.

I'd be running great, loving life, my legs running strong, I was totally in my zone ... Then BASH! CRASH! ... STOP! I felt I was running through treacle, my legs felt like led and my brain felt bashed to bits. It happened more than once and I seriously questioned my fitness and whether I would get to the finish of my marathon at all!

I've been there. BASH! CRASH! ... STOP! I've bonked and hit THE WALL!

Let's be honest, you love your long runs for the challenge and freedom you feel when you run, not to feel frustrated from failing at the long runs in your plan.

I've found getting your long runs and training right is difficult, especially when you're training on your own.

You treat every long run as a time trial, trying to beat your previous PB time!

That's not going to help you on race day! Running your long runs too fast you're training in a 'dead zone' and that's not going to help you at mile 20 when you start to crash against that brick wall!

Unless you know how (and why) you're supposed to run your long runs super slow and why you've got speed work mid-week, it can be tempting to just 'wing-it' and not stick to your plan.

And let's face it, if it's not clear what to do ... you don't!

It can be difficult to follow a plan full of runner jargon, of 'fart-legs' (... snigger ... ), 'thresholds', 'tempos' and 'sprints' that don't make much sense.

My Six Segments to Marathon Training Success explains WHY!

Celebrate your success.  You got this!

I have a marathon coaching programme, Marathon Club Hub, that will guide you through the Six Segments to Marathon Training Success.

Throughout your training I explain WHY you're doing each type or run, how it fits in the plan and how to run your training runs 'right'. If failing at long runs is your thing I've a whole section to help you get your long runs right, including guidance and advice to help you choose foods for fuel for long run success.

Get your training runs right race day success!!

Click HERE to find out more about Marathon Club Hub to get your training runs right for race day success!

Marathon Club Hub your path to the finish-line

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