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Race Day Disappointment #1 Injured! I'm out.

I'm injured "I'M OUT"!

How often have you trained and trained, running every day, ignoring anything that's not 'running' only to have the niggle you picked up early in your training get worse ... just at the point your plan picks up?

Race Day Disappointment #1 I'm Injured

You're injured so have to skip some vital long runs ... Putting your race day goal at risk ... If you get to race day at all!

I've been there. Training for VLM15 I picked up a niggle in my groin. I ignored it, trained hard, thinking after the race it would just go away with rest. It didn't, it only got worse. Eventually, later that year, I sought help. But by then my niggle was so bad I had to stop running (at that point I could hardly walk. I couldn't cycle or swim either.) and sadly had to defer my London Marathon '16 spot.

Watching the runners pass me as I cheered them on along Embankment that year was tough. I cried. It's not something I want to repeat.

I've been there. Ignored a niggle and had to defer my VLM16 charity spot

Let's be honest, you run because you love to feel fit, you love the free feeling that running gives you when you run and train hard to achieve your lifetime-long held goal.

You don't put all that hard work into your training to get injured ... Spend a fortune on physio fees and cry buckets because you have to pull out from your ultimate dream race.

It can be confusing to know how to train and what exercises to do so you won't get caught in the forever injured cycle.

And let's face it, if it's not clear what to do ... you don't!

Do you know what running is right and when pushing yourself hard is all wrong? What conditioning will build your core, or how to do squats correct to help you run strong?

I've found sticking to your promise of doing other types of training alongside your regular running, to help build up your bodys running strength is really difficult, unless you've got a framework to follow alongside your first-timers plan.

My Six Segments to Marathon Training Success includes Critical Strength & Conditioning

Strong Running "YOU GOT THIS"!

I have a marathon coaching programme, Marathon Club Hub, that will guide you through the Six Segments to Marathon Training Success.

The training plan builds slow, so you've got strength to push hard when you're ready and a strength & conditioning plan focused on core strength and stability as well as including exercises to build strength in your legs. Over the months of training you'll work to build your body's strength and improve your running form, to prevent burn out and over-use niggles that could risk you not running your race.

Train slow, build strong for running and race day success!!

Click HERE to find out more about Marathon Club Hub for strong running for race day success!

Marathon Club Hub your path to the finish line

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