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Race Prep Rice Pudding

Most times when we think about 'carb loading' for long run or race we think pasta or pizza. With VLM on the horizon I'm thinking of all the foods I love that are made with quality carbs.

How about rice pudding?

Rice pudding, the old fashioned dish, the way your grandmother would make, is basically rice (carb), milk (carbs & protein) and a little sugar (carb). It's also cheep and no stress to make. Bingo!

My nanna made the best rice pudding, silky rice with a nutmeg skin we fought over. So I decided to give it a go.

This version was made with a twist, I've included an egg in the milk mix, to give my pudding a bit more body and run recovery punch.

I'm always amazed at how little rice is required to make rice pudding!

I cracked an egg into 600ml of milk and gave everything a good whisk. Then added 65g pudding rice, 1tbs sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence.

I grated over as much nutmeg as I dare and baked the pudding at 130C for 2 hours.

The rice was custardy and delicious. This bowl has filled me up ... might need a piggyback for tomorrow's training!

Rice pudding a nice carb loading treat!

After you've got your pre race food sorted, it's time to think about recovery and 'get back to normal' food.

If like me you've been training for London you've probably modified your diet ( = eaten more food!) to power you through all the training you've been doing.

Carb loading since Christmas? ... Have you put on a little weight?

Mid May I'm starting a 'get your diet right' programme, Eat Right for Running, that'll get get you eating healthy, get your diet tuned up for your training and help you lose any excess weight you've put on marathon training.

Over 12 weeks we’re going to focus on balanced healthy eating, eating the right foods at the right time for your running and in the right amounts so you can lose the stubborn marathon training pounds you’ve put on.

Click HERE to email me to find out more.

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