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Mac n Cheese My Way

VLM is on Sunday EEEKKK!!!

Us runners are a superstitious bunch. I might not be fast, but I still take running seriously. I have my pre race routines and don’t leave anything to chance.

Lunch before a big run or a race I always have beetroot, I’ve been eating a lot of beetroot inspired salads this week(!), and for supper macaroni cheese. I’ve been cooking this dish forever. Its easy and great for pre race carb loading!

Mac n Cheese is my Carb Load Killer Dish!

This recipe is a bit “bung it in and see what happens”, so sorry I don’t have weights and measures!

Give it a go ... it works for me!

First put your pasta on to boil. I love a spirelli pasta rather than traditional macaroni. Its got bigger twists which I prefer, more carbs per strand. After a few minutes add a small tin of sweet corn and a couple of handfuls of frozen peas.

Once your pasta is on the boil grate a handful size of really strong, mouth zingy, cheddar. I also buy ham ends from the deli, so chop up a chunk into bite sized (about 1cm sq) chunks.

Then you need to find a non stick saucepan to make your white sauce.

Melt a large piece of butter (about 25g) and add to it two “wooden spoon ends” of flour. Stir together so it looks like breadcrumbs and add a good teaspoon of English mustard powder. Then very very slowly start to add milk to make your white sauce. Add a little and stir so its combined into the roux, then add a dash more. Eventually if you go slowly the sauce will form, without lumps. Add as much milk as required to make a thick sauce, then add in your handfuls of cheese, then the ham.

By this time your pasta will have cooked. Drain the pasta and veg and mix into the cheese sauce.

Grate over some tangy parmesan or more cheddar and grill until browned and enjoy!

After you've got your pre race food sorted, it's time to think about recovery and 'get back to normal' food.

If like me you've been training for London you've probably modified your diet ( = eaten more food!) to power you through all the training you've been doing.

Maybe you over estimated this ... and have put on a little weight?

Mid May I'm starting a 'get your diet right' programme, Eat Right for Running, that'll get get you eating healthy, get your diet tuned up for your training and help you lose any excess weight you've put on marathon training.

Over 12 weeks we’re going to focus on balanced healthy eating, eating the right foods at the right time for your running and in the right amounts so you can lose the stubborn marathon training pounds you’ve put on.

Click HERE to email me to find out more.

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