• Helen Phillips

Eat right for recovery

Now I'm marathon training should I drink a protein shake before my runs?

That's a question I get asked a lot. So let me tell you a little about PROTEIN, what it is, why it's important in the body and the role that protein plays in exercise and recovery.

Proteins are the Building Blocks of the Body

Hair, collagen and muscle are all made from protein. Protein is needed for growth, formation and repair of body cells, so you need to make sure your diet contains protein to ensure your body is healthy and strong.

Eating Protein before a Workout Will NOT Give Your More Energy to Train

Protein can also be used by the body as energy. But to do that your body breaks down muscle and converts the protein into glucose before it is used. This happens when the body is very low in carbs and results in muscle soreness.

It's a highly complex process and one the body only uses as a last resort.

Your Body Can't STORE Protein for Use Later

Unlike carbohydrate and fat, excess protein cant be stored in the body for use later. If you eat more protein than your body needs, for tissue growth, maintenance and repair, it's metabolised and the by products are excreted in urine.

Eating More Protein Doesn't Lead to Bigger and Bigger Muscles!

If you're looking to build your biceps you need to be doing a lot more hard work, to stimulate your muscles to grow ... not just eating plate loads of meat!

Runners Need a LITTLE MORE Quality Protein in their Diets

When you run you make small micro tears in your muscles that need to be repaired to build a strong body for running. So if you're a runner it is important to eat good amounts of lean protein, to facilitate repair of your worked muscles after a run. You should be including protein in most of your meals throughout the day.

Chicken, turkey, beans, pulses, eggs, fish and milk are great sources of protein and you should aim to eat about a palm sized portion of protein at every meal, which probably isn't much different if you're already eating a balanced healthy western diet.

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