• Helen Phillips

Marathon running can change your life ... FOR GOOD!

How has running a marathon changed your life? That was a question I asked to my London Marathon Training & Support Facebook Group recently (click HERE to join this awesome group).

I had a hypothesis, based on my own experience as well as what I'd seen with others, that ...

Marathon running can change your life ... FOR GOOD!

VLM18 was brutal, the hottest on record, which scuppered a number of PB attempts and ‘traumatised’ a few further. But the majority of runners I’ve spoken to since that day had a massively positive experience from the event, are keen to go back for more and believe running their marathon has had a major impact on their life … for the better!

If you’ve already found yourself a spot for VLM19 or you’re nervously awaiting the ballot outcome, which will be announced next week, here’s how you can expect ‘London’ to change your life!

"I have never felt as fit and healthy as I feel now"

It goes without saying that you need to be running fit to run a marathon. And marathon training with a healthier lifestyle is so much easier, than trying out outrun bad habits along the way.

Getting a place to run and starting marathon training is often the impetus to adopting healthier habits, such as eating better, sleeping more, improving fitness or just getting some 'me time'!

Lots of people enter the VLM ballot (414,168 applicants for VLM19!) with a dream to run a marathon, having done very little (or in some cases no) running before. So a marathon place is often the catalyst to start running and ramping up fitness.

If you’re not currently a runner, but you’re in the ballot and have a dream to someday run London, then I’d suggest you start running now! The more miles you have in your legs before New Year the better. Follow a beginners running plan, such as C25K, to get going, gradually building up your running strength and fitness and you’ll be fine for London next spring!

Even seasoned runners find marathon training has a massive impact on their fitness

Training week in week out, building running strength and endurance will not only make your body capable of running a marathon, you’ll be building up overall fitness and running strength, and could see a massive improvement in 5k, 10k and half marathon PB’s through training and after the race.

However, training for a marathon is not just about running. Trying to train with a poor diet means you’re denying your body of good nutrition to power through training and recover from runs. If you’re a few pounds overweight, then getting an entry into a race is a great time to take a look at your diet, the food you eat day in day out, and tune it up for your training.

Taking the time to train and upgrading your lifestyle will have a massive impact on your marathon day experience as well as your health for life!

Running London changed my life

Running a marathon can change your life for good!

After I’d ran my first I felt invincible, after completing a feat most friends and family thought impossible (for me).

No longer was I prepared to accept second best. I deserved more, much, much more from life. I realised that if I could run London, a challenge that I'd always thought way out of my reach, what else could I achieve in life?

Ultimately that belief led me to switching careers and setting up my own business a few years later.

But it’s not just me.

Crossing a marathon finish line gives you a sense of self belief, belief that whatever challenge life throws you, YOU CAN AND WILL SUCCEED!

Training for a marathon and completing the distance on race day, you have to have a certain amount of determination to succeed, no matter what.

VLM18 was tough for so many runners. But it’s made each and every one of us more resilient, with a belief we can achieve and succeed.

That’s powerful. Watch out world – this group is coming for you!

I Found Love

When I set up London Marathon Training & Support Facebook Group I was hoping to be able to help people change their life from realising their (running) dreams … I didn’t think I’d help runners find love!


But the number great friendships, and a few relationships, that have been forged from the group is heart warming.

The running community is truly awesome. If you don’t consider yourself a runner, you should!

Meeting up for parkruns, races or even just long slow runs in the park you can meet some amazing people.

Dreams Can Come True!

Running a marathon really can make running and life dreams come true!

So take your first step. Enter your marathon and set yourself up on an adventure to achieve awesome!

You got this!

Helen, Cheesecake Runner

And once you've entered your race, or secured yourself a spot in VLM join Marathon Club Hub, for training plans, advice, encouragement and support to the finish line and beyond.

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