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Foam Rolling for Runners

How often days after a run do you still feel sore and stiff? Do you do anything about it … or just wish it away?

You should give Foam Rolling a go. Forget the horror stories you’ve heard down the gym, foam rolling is more like a good massage than hard-core torture! Read on for my

Foam Rolling for Runners tips.

Including regular foam rolling into your post run routine can really help with easing tight muscles and elevate muscle soreness.

Foam rolling a tight muscle for just 30 - 60 seconds can help to loosen it and improve it's range of motion.

Invest in a foam roller and get into the habit of rolling anytime your legs feel tired and tight. So I don't forget I have my foam roller in the living room, so instead of slouching on the sofa watching TV I occasionally roll out my tired legs whilst watching trash.


When you start out foam rolling you'll probably find a few knots, tight spots and "OUCH!" areas. Work gently using your body weight to release the knots and tight spots, and go carefully around the areas where your muscles are spots. You’ll find that over time your muscles will start to loosen up, and you might find your movement and running will be come more fluid.

How should I foam roll?

Using a foam roller is a sort of self massage and you can use one before (to loosen muscles before your run) or after training.

Use your own body weight to apply the 'right' amount of pressure for you, to work on your muscles. You’ll find some muscles you can apply a lot of pressure, and then move the roller a mere centimetre and OUCH you’ve found a tight spot!

Roll backwards and forwards slowly rolling and massaging each muscle group for about 20 - 30 seconds, which is about 3 - 5 rolls.

When you feel a sensitive or tight spot pause and go slow to ease the knot and discomfort. Don't ignore it, just slowly ease into the tension and you’ll start to ease away the tightness. You’ll find, if you foam roll regularly, that your tight sore spots will start to ease, as your muscles relax and repair.

Roll from top to toe. As runners we focus a lot on our legs, and it’s most likely it’s our legs that are tight. But for good running form we need to make sure that we’re running relaxed in our upper body too, so it’s always a good idea to foam roll from neck and shoulders, down your spine, the arch of your lower back, hips and buttocks too.

Also, make sure you roll on both sides of your body. You'll probably find that one side / leg is tighter than the other, but make sure you roll on both sides.

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