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Fat Burning Workouts for Fast Results!

Fat Burning Workouts for Fast Results!

If you are looking to burn more fat, the following workouts are a great way to begin. I'm Helen, The Cheesecake Runner and I'm so excited to share with you my fat burning tips for your life.

Burning Fat on the Treadmill

Cardio and running in particular is one of the top ways to burn fat and drop weight. If you're a gym goer and a little apprehensive about running outside then why not try running on a treadmill. Lots of people think that you can just get on the treadmill, set the timer, and get started. The calories will just burn away and the fat drop off. The truth is that you wont see the results you want if you do that. Here is how you turn your treadmill into a fat burning machine and get the results you want in shorter amounts of time.

1. Use the Incline Setting

The first thing you need to do is set the incline setting. You want to make sure that your incline is a challenge for you, but that it is not at such a high incline that it causes pain or injury. If you are just starting out with an incline, you may want to go with the first or second setting and then adjust them as needed. Ideally, your treadmill will have several incline settings to choose from. One of these settings is an interval that mimics running outdoors in various terrains. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you. The treadmill will automatically adjust through your run to give you levels of incline to help you burn more calories.

2. Know Your Target Heart Rate

Most treadmills come with a heart rate monitor built into them. Use the monitor. You may be inclined to avoid it or not bother, but if you want to burn the most fat and drop the weight you need to use the monitor. For this, you will need to know your target heart rate. You can figure this out you need to know your maximum heart rate. The target heart rate during your workout should be around 60% of the max heart rate during cool down and warm up and then 70% during the run itself. Most treadmills will have at least a basic heart rate monitor, but more advanced options will let you put in your weight, height, and it will figure things out for you. This is vital to make sure you are getting the workout intensity you need.

3. Don't Hold On

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are on the treadmill is to hold onto the bars. Don't hold onto the bars during the run. If you run holding onto the bars, you will not be working your whole body. In fact, you will be holding back what you need to bring to the workout. By taking your hands off the bars you are now working your whole body. You are working on standing up straight, and running like you would outside. This intensifies the workout and helps you burn more fat.

By taking these three tips into account. You can ensure that you are burning the most calories and fat during your treadmill workout. Remember to start off at low levels of inclines and run times and work up as you need it so you can keep building the intensity and getting the results you want.

Burn More Fat With Weight Training

When you think of weight training, you may not think about burning fat. In fact, what you may think about is building muscle and toning up your arms or adding muscle weight. The trick to that is, most people who are new to weight training do not know that you have to burn fat to build the muscle which makes weight training ideal. If you are new to weight training, you may not know how to actually get started or how to make the weight training work for the fat burning you want to do.

1. Use the Right Weight

If you are new to weight training then you want to make sure you are choosing the right weight from the start. Start off using your body weight only first. This is ideal if you are not only new to weight training, but you are also a little overweight. Think about this. If you are a few pounds overweight, you are already carrying those extra pounds of weight lifting pressure. Use that and work it off. You can use a weightlifting bar for balance which adds a few more pounds, but mainly gives you something to work with. Finally, you get to add the weight. Start off with light weights on each side of the bar and then work your way up to more as you get stronger.

2. Use the Right Form

There is nothing worse than working out and either injuring yourself or realizing that you are using the wrong form and you aren't burning as much body fat. The way to fix this is to find a professional and just make sure you are using the right form. A professional trainer will show you how to use the right form for the bar based weights, the circuit weight training machines, and free weights. Using the right form means you are getting the most out of the weight training, using the muscles under the fat, and burning the fat away properly and safely.

3. Circuit the Workout

Don't stick to just one form of weight or one exercise. For example, don't just do arm day and do a few of the same exercises. Circuit your body. This means that you are doing a certain amount of reps for each focus area exercise. So for arms, you would be working all aspects of your arms and chest. You would be doing five to ten reps on each section and then doing it again for three or more circuits. This helps your body relax in one area while you are working another, and the whole time you are burning the most fat possible.

These are the basic steps for burning fat when you are a newcomer to weight training. Over time you may find that free weights work best for you or that circuit training works best. The key is to start off safe and start off with the right form.

Add These Cardio Workouts

Burning fat sounds great and easy, until you get into it. Once you have been working out for a while, you may hit a moment where you just don't seem to be burning more fat or getting anywhere with the workouts. You may try to up the pace of your runs, change your weight amount on weight lifting, or any number of other things just to be at the same point. This means your body may be used to the workouts and you need to actually change the workouts. Here are some cardio workouts you can add to your routine to help you burn more fat and get back on track.

Spinning Class

One way that some people mix things up is by enrolling in a spinning class. Spinning classes take stationary bikes to the next level. The classes run from 30 minutes to 75 minutes. The idea behind these classes is to offer a high intensity constant moving workout. It works your quads, core, abs, arms, calves, and hamstrings. It can be a full body workout that burns a lot of calories which leads to fat burning as well. This is a high intensity method and is usually made for more intermediate and advanced workouts. Spinning can work off as much as 900 calories per session.

Try Yoga and Pilates to Burn Fat

One of the top exercises that is recommended for beginners and advanced users alike is yoga or pilates. These exercises have several full body benefits and the added benefit of helping you burn fat. You may be wondering what types of yoga or pilates actually help you burn the most fat and get a full body workout. The truth is, there are several that offer a full workout, full body benefit. Here are just a few to consider.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is one of the leading yoga methods that offers a full body workout and is great fat burning exercise. This form of yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga, offers up to a 700 calorie burn depending on the intensity of the class and time of that class. During this yoga session you will notice a few things that set it apart from other yoga classes. The first is the temperature. Hot yoga classes are set at 104 degrees in the room. This helps you to sweat more. The humidity is also set high for the room. You will work through over 60 different motions through the workout. By the end, you will have worked your entire body as well as done a cardio workout!


There is a fine line in the yoga community with half the people stating that pilates is not real yoga while the other half stating that it is yoga just in a different from. Pilates stands out because it uses different instruments during the workout. For example, you may use a pilates machine that offers resistance or you may use a pilates ball. The accessories are there to help stabilize you and help you get your workout to the next level. If you want something that incorporates traditional yoga but adds a twist on the process, then this may be ideal for you.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a cardio based yoga that works your entire body while working on your cardio. This combination allows you to burn more fat and helps you to get leaner muscle mass as well. There are no special accessories in Kundalini. Kundalini requires your body, body weight resistance, and your mind. Ideally, if you are looking for a form of yoga that will burn fat and give you a full body workout while helping you with meditation and body awareness then this is it. Kundalini focuses on full body awareness through meditation and body movement.

These are only three of the yoga and pilates options that will help you burn fat and drop the weight. You can increase the intensity of each one of these workouts by adding more time, taking intense training to work on your form, or by just adding more days of these yoga routines into your weekly rotation.

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