• Helen Phillips

5 Reasons You Avoid your 5-a-Day ... And 5 Reasons Why That's Wrong!

Is your veg draw moulding with celery and spinach and your fruit bowl full of brown bananas?

Is your diet devoid of green?

You've no idea about artichokes, havn't eaten endive or ever tried a turnip.

If this sounds like you listen up ... You're missing out on miracles. Tastes that tantalise and food that'll mesmerise.

If you're serious about watching your weight, improving your health and vitality for life then 5-a-Day needs to become your 5-Every-Day!

Read on as I counter every excuse you've got to get you eating your greens.

Excuse 1: I just don't like it

Ok I get it. Broccoli isn't to everyone's tastes, some people are fussy about fennel and others go bonkers about bananas. Especially if you were forced to eat everything on your plate as a child I understand the stress.

But there's such a variety of fruit and veg on offer I challenge you to actually hate it all!

You're all grown up now. No one's making you eat every little scrap on your plate. Choose foods to like first. Learn to love those and then branch out broader.

Excuse 2: When mum cooked they were boiled to a deathly pulp

I've got news for you ... we've moved on!

For some odd reason our parents and grandparents boiled veg until it had give up life. If that's the only way you know how to cook now's the time to learn some new tricks and skills.

Find yourself a wok and learn to stir fry, or how about steaming for a few minutes over a pan of bubbling water (a colander over a pan of water is fine). Both stir frying and steaming will give you tasty veg, packed with nutrients and with texture! ... so no more soggy mush on your plate.

Excuse 3: If it's not in a packet I wont eat it

If all you eat comes from a packet or dial-a-pizza delivery, or you were raised on Fray Bentos, Pot Noodle and Vesta Curry AND you're serious about your running and your health ... you need to get a grip ... and soon!

Processed, packaged foods and takeaways are loaded with unhealthy trans-fats as well as added salt and sugar. They are largely devoid of essential nutrition and are not doing you any favours.

OK fruit and veg are grown in the soil or on trees, but if you have an "all natural" or "mud" phobia there are plenty of good quality convenience packaged veg to choose from.

To start you off head to the frozen aisle and grab bags of peas and spinach, and frozen berries a also brilliant. Veg is frozen quickly and often has more nutrients than fresh and might be a lot cheeper than fresh. What's not to love!

Excuse 4: I'll poo more

If your gut isn't used to fibre and you're not passing regular bowel movements that's not healthy. Fruit and veg are packed full of essential nutrients and fibre that's important for good gut health. So when you start to increase the amount of fruit and veg you eat you'll start to challenge and get movement through your gut.

That's a good thing!

So embrace your daily crap. Get eating and get pooing!

Excuse 5: I don't know how to cook it

If your veg cooking repertoire is boiling or chopping in a salad it's time to get creative.

You're on the interweb? So go check out BBC Food (https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/) and Jamie Oliver (https://www.jamieoliver.com) for hundreds of great ideas for how to cook fruit and veg and create amazing dishes. it's not about going vegetarian, it's about adding more fruit and veg into your diet so you eat more vital nutrients for good health and wellbeing.

So bish bash bosh ... time to get cooking!

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