• Helen Phillips

Strength Training Secrets for Strong Running

Runners like to run and we're notoriously bad at doing other types of exercise. But you need a strong body (not just strong legs) to improve your running speed and endurance and if you're planning on running a marathon strength and conditioning work should form a critical part of your training.

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Lots of runners avoid the gym and weight training, fearing it'll add extra bulk and weight to their bodies to carry around running. They ignore the advice from coaches or friends to get to the gym. They don't make time for it in their busy training schedules, because it's not their forte and they don't get the same endorphin high from working with weights that they do with running.

But studies have shown that runners who include strength and conditioning work into their training week improve their speed and see significant benefits to their running endurance.

Strength training will will help you run faster and for longer

Strength training improves endurance and speed

A number of studies have found that strength training can improve running endurance and speed. A 2008 study found endurance runners could run 21 per cent further in an aerobic test to exhaustion, after including strength training in their training programme, and study in 2005 found that including circuit training with endurance running in the same session gave an 8 per cent improvement in a 4K time trial!

Avoid injury

Just one 30 minute session per week can make all the difference.The worst thing if you're a runner is being laid up and out of action with an injury, especially if the injury was avoidable! Including specific strength training into your workouts, focused on strengthening your legs, hips, glutes and core you will be far more resistant to injury.

Strength training best for runners

The most appropriate strength training for runners includes plyometric training, circuit training, bodyweight workouts and using kettlebells to build strength. Yoga, Pilates and Barre are great classes for runners who need to build core, hip and glute strength.

Don't leave it until you're sidelined by injury to start strength and conditioning work. Getting to the gym once a week will not only help keep you injury free, but will make you a stronger, faster and more resilient runner.

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