• Helen Phillips

Run Recovery

Time to put your feet up, kick back and eat everything in the house!

Us runners love to run. We don’t like to rest and relax … well not that much. But it’s important after a long run, and after a race, to rest and recover. But there are a few things you can go to kick start your recovery.

During your run you’ll have sweated buckets. So it’s important to replenish fluids and salts lost in sweat. Sports drinks are good as is plain water with a pinch of salt to help with hydration. After a tough run you might not realise just how dehydrated you are. So make sure you drink a little and often during the next 24 hours.

You’ll have burned through your carb stores too, so these will need to be topped up before your next major training session.

Also, running makes small tears in your muscles, which need to repair.

So to replenish energy and repair muscles have a snack or meal containing both carbohydrate and protein. A chicken sandwich is great for this, or how about beans on toast if you’re vegetarian. After exercising hard your muscles will be particularly porous to nutrients, so it’s a good idea to try and eat this snack or have a meal within 30 mins to 2 hours after running.

To relieve muscle stiffness and soreness you need to stretch. And if it’s been a really hard run try and Epsom salt bath or book a sports massage for the following day. Epsom salts contain magnesium, and its believed that magnesium can relieve muscle inflammation and exercise induced soreness.

If you’re interested in learning more about preparing for, running and recovering from LONG RUNS check out courses for top tips.