• Helen Phillips

Perfect Packed Lunch

For years I lived off shop bought sandwiches and salads for lunch.

Every day was the same decision, Pret, Eat, a Bourtito or Choped salad. Lunch in the city of London isn't cheep, this was working out almost £10 per day!

Then marathon training last summer I started to put as much focus on my diet as my running. I wanted to get everything right. I needed to feed and fuel my body correctly to ensure it was ready and able to respond to the intense training programme I was putting it through.

I also wanted to lose a few pounds, as carrying excess blubber around a trail marathon course is no fun!

So I started to make my own salads for lunch.

I could select my own leaves, protein (chicken, salmon, mackerel, egg, tuna, prawns or mozzarella are favs), carbs (really really important to get carbs right when you're marathon training) I chose potato, home made bread roll, pasta or rice and then loaded up my little plastic tub with as much different veg as could fit in, finishing off with a grind of pepper and salt, sprinkle of seeds and a drizzle of balsamic or olive oil.

I managed to make my salad in the time it took to boil the kettle for coffee and let my morning porridge heat through, so I could catch the 6:48 train to Waterloo.

You're investing the time and focus to train. For maximum performance and recovery you need to ensure you body is fed well.

Be the best you can be!


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