• Helen Phillips

Let's Talk Gels

I get loads of questions about gels. What brands to use, when to use them and questions about why they upset your stomach.

I get that energy Gels arent for everyone, but they're easy to carry, won't crush or split creating a sticky mess in your runbag and are formulated to give you the carbs needed to sustain you through endurance exercise.

Your body has enough carbohydrate, stored as glycogen in muscles and the liver to fuel about 90 minutes of running. After this time, unless you take on more carbs you’ll be relying on fat to fuel your run, which can feel really hard.

That moment when all of a sudden you feel you cant go on, the moment you bonk, that’s the point when your glycogen has been used up, and the body is switching gear to use fat as fuel.

You need to find a good source of carbs you can eat on the run. Everyone is different, what works for me might not work for you.

Click the link below for cheat sheet on energy gels.