• Helen Phillips

Retro Coleslaw

So the UK summer is here. An amazing afternoon and evening of sport awaits. I'm a tennis fan so will be flag waving for Johanna Konta and Andy Murray today. There won't be too much time to cook, so I'm getting prepared. After running this morning I'm going to be craving food and need to replenish my glycogen and repair my muscles, so its a big meat dinner this evening. To serve with my meat I'll whip up a quick salad later, but this morning I've made a great chunky retro coleslaw.

I absolutely hate the manky way too mayonaisey, vinegary coleslaws you find in supermarkets. Gross! But this homemade “slaw” is completely different.

It’s a recipe I recall from my childhood. I think mum first made coleslaw for a massive family get together in the mid ‘70’s. She’s not an adventurous cook, so I’m thinking she stole the recipe from her best school friend Judy who was a “home economics” (remember that ladies?) teacher.

How we made it then I have no idea. Lots of fine chopping of veg. It probably burnt more calories making than eating! But when I bought my first food processor, hallelhula! Coleslaw making became a doddle! Its now a summer staple, so much so, that I’ve got a dish reserved for coleslaw!

And if you’re having a party, its BBQ season after all, this couldn’t be easier (and cost effective) for feeding a hungry crowd (of course with meat on the side!)

All you’ll need is half a small white cabbage, or red if you’re feeling adventurous, 1 or 2 carrots depending on their size and half an onion. Peel your veg then blitz the cabbage and onion using the slicer setting and the carrots using the grater setting. You should have a mix of slithered veg in the processor.

Tip into a large serving bowl and await the magic.

Depending upon how much veg you have and how “saucey” you like your coleslaw dollop in 3 or 4 desert spoons of mayonnaise. I try not to buy ready made anything, but life is too short to worry too much about making home made mayonnaise. And you’re not adding much and will be eating all those raw veggies, so take a “I cant see it” approach to mayonnaise.

You’re not done yet. Give it a few shakes of Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce and a grind of pepper and salt. Then for full on ‘70’s retro inspiration add in a handful of sultanas and give everything a good stir.

Taste and add more Lea & Perrins, mayonnaise, salt and pepper if required.

From those humble ingredients you will have created a mountain of coleslaw, and still have half a cabbage for later to make more!

Its probably because this is slightly retro and from my childhood but I cant get enough of this and will eat it with pork or chicken and general BBQ fodder.


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