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Leftovers Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

To up my protein intake I roasted a chicken at the weekend. A small chicken from a farm shop. Since summer has been threatening, rather than accompany with roasties and veg, I boiled a few charlotte salad potatoes and had chicken with homemade coleslaw, sweet cherry tomatoes and a green salad.

Come Monday all that was left of the chicken was a single breast and the carcass.

Waste not want not. Time to make soup. If you keep all bones and skin from your chicken (I’ve had an aversion to chicken skin forever and usually throw it away, but had foresight to de-skin and keep with my chicken this time), you have the makings of a delicious chicken soup.

It couldn’t be easier.

Take one largely eaten chicken carcass. Strip and save any remaining meat. Then toss the bones and any skin into a saucepan and boil a kettle of water. I had kept the tin I’d cooked the chicken in, so de-glazed (poured some boiling water in and then eased any gelatinous and crispy bits from the pan into the liquid) and added this to the carcass. Just top the pan up with enough water to cover the bones and bring to the boil. I added a bouquet garni bag to add some flavour and a few grinds of pepper and simmered the carcass for about 1 hour.

The stock from the bones was light. I could have boiled down for a richer flavour, but an instant lunch fix was required. I strained the soup into a bowl, discarding the bones and returned to the pan.

To add body to the soup I found some potatoes left over from the weekend, so cut those up as well as the salvaged chicken into small chunks and added to the stock along with a tin of sweet corn. A few more grinds of pepper and some salt and it was perfect. No fuss chicken and sweet corn soup! Ideal for a training rest day lunch.

Depending on the size of the chicken and the amount of stock made this could have fed up to 4. If I’d had any left over Sunday lunch veg I could have chopped that up and added to the soup. I’m thinking carrots, cabbage, beans and peas would work really well.

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