• Helen Phillips

Beetroot and Orange Red Slaw

I had two large beetroot left over from the cupcakes made earlier in the day, so thought I’d “slaw” them.

I grated 2 beetroot into a bowl and drizzled over 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar.

Then grated a large carrot, half a red onion (you don’t want much onion as red onions are strong) and half red cabbage and mixed with the beetroot.

I peeled the flesh from two juicy oranges and cut into small segments and added to the mix along with any stray juice.

Anyone remember “home economics” (cookery) classes at school? The first class we did was breakfast and were taught how to cut the flesh from oranges and segment properly. A skill I occasionally use … unlike making rough puff pastry which was later in the year.

Back to the slaw. Give everything a mix and season with salt and pepper.

I don’t think this slaw needs anything else as a dressing.

I ate this slaw with a pork chop and new potatoes. Healthy and delicious.

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