• Helen Phillips

Fuselli with Kale Pesto

I got home Friday evening and there wasn’t a lot in the fridge. Half a bag of kale, a little chicken and some chestnut mushrooms. So I decided I would make something good with what I had rather than ordering take out.

So Fuselli with kale pesto, chicken and mushrooms was invented!

First I sliced the mushrooms (about 6) and lightly fried in a scant amount of olive oil. Mushrooms as sponges for oil, but after they have been heated for a bit they start to release their own juices and cook. So don't go too heavy on the oil, it's really not needed.

I had half a bag of kale that "needed to be eaten", so picked through the leaves and stripped any hard stalks bare. The kale was rinsed and tipped into my food processor, along with 75g pine nuts, 75g parmesan cheese that I grated in to the processor bowl directly, 3 cloves of garlic, 75 ml olive oil, the juice of 1 lemon and salt and pepper. I gave everything a good blitz and ended up with a thin green sauce.

I drained the pasta once it was cooked and returned to the pan with the pesto, mushrooms and chicken. Gave everything a good stir and served.

Not bad for a "what's in the fridge" meal ... It only took 15 minutes (max) to prepare too!

There was even enough for lunch the next day ... without the chicken and mushrooms.

So would be perfect for a quick after work veggie supper!

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