• Helen Phillips

Offal for Recovery!

On the road to recovery!

I have a number of go to meals that I eat after a marathon. And one of those is liver and bacon.

The relentless pounding of feet on pavement will have destroyed blood cells, leading to a loss of iron. As a woman I know I need to make sure my diet is high in iron. I'm not a massive red meat fan, but try to make sure I eat the right foodstuffs my body needs, so this week I'm making sure I eat iron rich protein for muscle repair and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables for vital vitamins and minerals to counter the oxidative stress from running and help my body to recover and repair.

Hold the yuk comments! Liver is a highly nutritious and cheep (because so many people refuse to eat offal, yet are happy to load their bodies with chemical additives ... go figure!) and delicious. It's just your brain telling you otherwise!

Last night I served my seared pigs liver with balsamic onions.

I lightly fried a couple of onions until they were soft, sweet and caramelised then doused the onions in a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and reduced that down to a sweet onion accompaniment.

Go on .. challenge yourself! Eat offal!

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