• Helen Phillips

Beetroot, Blue Cheese, Black Pudding and Broccoli Pizza

Having a taper week is freeing up my time for some creative cookery, with two of my faoritec foods, beetroot and black pudding!

For months I've been careful about what I'm eating, going large on fruit and veggies for vitamins and nutrients, focusing on getting more protein in my diet and being careful about fats and carbs. Yes, despite the plethora of "cake" posts on here I don't have my snout permanently in the treats cupboard!

I've not indulged in fast food or take aways, although had a curry blow out with my parents last weekend, but not chocolate eggs!

I fancied a pizza. But thought I would get creative with the pizza.

So instead of a tomato sauce I have made a sauce from beetroot and topped this with slithers of black pudding, broccoli and blue cheese (so its a Four B's Pizza).

I blitzed up pre cooked beetroot and sweated with some onion and garlic for the sauce, pre blanched a few florets of broccoli and grilled slithers of black pudding. Assembled everything onto a pizza base I made with wholemeal flour and cooked in the oven at 200C for about 30 minutes until the base was cooked, veg charing and cheese melted.

Delicious and "Interesting" at the same time!

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