• Helen Phillips

Oat and Raisin Cookies

Oh my! I've no idea where a craving for oat and raisin cookies came from.

Might have been a post that asked the question ... "Why do we start the day with good intentions but by the end find ourselves doing everything we can to self sabotage".

Anyhow, cookies had to be baked.

75g wholemeal flour, 1tsp baking powder, 75g oats, 75g sugar, 75g raising (or currents, whatever you've got in your cupboard) mixed together. 75g butter, 1tsp syrup and 1 tsp milk warmed until the butter had melted, then mixed in with the dry ingredients.

Forming into 12 balls and then baking at 160C for 10-15 minutes and you have instant cookie heaven!

So far I've only had one and "hidden" the rest away in a cupboard. But for how much longer can I resist temptation?

#oats #Cake

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