• Helen Phillips

Low(er) Butter Brioche!

I found a brioche recipe with only 80g butter (vs 250g in another book). Had to give it a try!

Since it was simply delicious I thought I had to share the recipe. Baking is easy, I made this yesterday evening, and it took no time at all, and was delicious for breakfast.

To start I disolved 1 tsp fast acting yeast with 1 tsp sugar in 70ml milk and left it for a few minutes until it was frothy.

Whilst the yeast was "doin' its thang" I weighed out 500g plain flour, 35g sugar and a pinch of salt into my food mixer (set and ready with the dough hook). I then added the yeast mix along with an additional 180ml milk, 2 egg yokes and 80g of softened butter (to be honest with you, I had given my fridge hard butter a quick blast in the microwave to soften and it had melted, but don't think this had any adverse effect on the end result, but it probably made the dough a bit stickier). Then turn on your machine and give everything a good mix and knead. If you don't have a for mixer and/or dough hook you're going to have to go in with your hands ... prepare for sticky fingers!

Once the dough has been worked to a smooth dough leave to prove in a warm place until doubled in size, it'll take about 1 hour.

Then punch the air out of the dough, give it another knead and then cut into 15 equal pieces, and roll these into balls.

Grease a springform cake tin (about 20cm diameter) and then arrange the brioche balls around the tin in circles. I managed 2 rounds with one ball in the middle.

Leave the dough to rise again, for about 30 minutes this time, whilst you heat your oven to 180C.

Once the dough is looking nice and puffy brush with egg wash (a beaten egg losened with a little milk) and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Keep an eye on it, as each oven is different and with the egg wash there is a tendency to catch and burn a bit.

Once the brioche is crisp and golden remove from the oven, and the tin and allow to cool on a wire rack.

Best eaten warm (yes, I had a ball before I went to bed last night ... couldn't resist) with apricot jam.



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