• Helen Phillips

Nannas Rice Pudding

I've a glut of milk, so thought I'd make a pudding from my childhood, rice pudding.

My nanna made the best rice pudding, silky rice with a nutmeg skin we fought over. This was made with a twist, I've included an egg in the milk mix.

I'm always amazed at how little rice is required to make this dish. This'll fill my glycogen stores ahead of tomorrow's threshold training.

I cracked an egg into 600ml of milk and gave everything a good whisk. Then added 65g pudding rice, 1tbs sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence.

I grated over as much nutmeg as I dare and baked the pudding at 130C for 2 hours.

The rice was custardy and delicious. This bowl has filled me up ... might need a piggyback for tomorrow's training!

#Rice #Milk