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The Ultimate St Lucian Banana Bread

I have a special fondness for St Lucia, a lush Caribbean island in the Caribbean. The drive from the airport takes you through the rain forest and through lush banana plantations. Until you get close to the capital city Castries where there is a sign advertising a UK supermarket and promoting that they sell St Lucian bananas.

Before heading out for an early morning run I usually try to grab a banana, but sometimes I’m tempted to take a slice of delicious banana bread.

So as big birthday approaches, I just had to try and make this delicious, moist workout fuel!

For my birthday I doubled everything up, as I know my running friends will demolish this before I’ve had a look in!

You need really ripe bananas for this recipe, so might need to buy a few days before you’re planning to make it. It’s also a great way to use up those super sweet bananas on the turn.

Peel 3 bananas and break up into a large bowl. You then need to mash your bananas. I’ve worked out the best way of doing this is to use a hand mixer. Then add in 150g sugar (I used regular granulated sugar this time, but I think this would be extra lush with a soft brown sugar, it will add more richness to the cake), 180ml vegetable oil (rapeseed is good), and 2 large eggs. Mix everything together either with your electric mixer or a wooden spoon.

Weight out 280g plain flour and add to this, 1 tsp baking soda, 2 tsp vanilla essence, ½ tsp baking powder and ½ tsp salt. Then sift the dry ingredients into the batter and fold in carefully until everything is well mixed.

Pour your cake mix into a greased and lined loaf tin and bake at 160C for 60 minutes.

I’m serving my banana bread as “cake” so I baked in a tray bake tin. It took probably 10 minutes longer to cook.

Perfect accompanied with a glass of St Lucian rum

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