• Helen Phillips

Veg and Pulses Soup

When I’m office bound I try to avoid the ubiquitous sandwich chains at lunch, taking in homemade salads and fruit for lunch. But when I work from home I take advantage that the kitchen is close-by. So easy to nip down and make something tasty for lunch.

So a few days back I was scrablling around in my fridge and found a few lonely carrots and a leek. Soup was beckoning me!

You have to start this off the night before, as this soup is laden with tasty veg as well as beans and pulses from a supermarket soup mix. The soup mix needs overnight soaking, so anticipating lunch the next day I weighed out 400g of pulses and covered in cold water to leave to stand overnight.

When you’re ready to cook, drain and rinse the pulses and then boil for about 20 minutes until they are cooked, softened, but still have some bite.

Whilst the pulses are cooking melt a knob of butter in a saucepan, peel and slice 2 medium carrots and cut into small chunks (I slice carrots lengthwise into 4 and then slice each quarter into small pieces) and add to the foaming butter. Then rinse and slice a leek into similar sized pieces and add to the carrots. Give everything a good stir and soften on a low to medium heat.

Make up 1 pint of veg stock (I use marigold Swiss bouillon) and pour over the veg. I felt the soup needed a bit more veg and more body, so I tipped in a small tin of sweetcorn and a few handfuls of small soup pasta.

By this time the pulses were cooked, so I drained them and added to the soup and let everything bubble away for about 5-10 mintues until the pasta was cooked. Grind in black pepper and add salt to taste.

Eat with a wholemeal bread roll for a really hearty, filling and healthy lunch.

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