• Helen Phillips

Porridge ... My start to the Day

Morning all!

Usually start the day with a nice steaming bowl of porridge. As I'm now in training (for my next marathon) I need to be getting more protein. I'm not one for "artificial and additives" so when I need a protein hit I don't reach for powders, rather eggs.

I read in the papers yesterday that sales of eggs have surged and in November the value of the market was 7.6% nigher in the 3 months to November than the same period in 2015.

Eggs are no longer just a breakfast staple. Celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver have claimed the humble egg as a "super food". No longer are we warned that they will raise cholesterol or risk salmonella poisoning (poor Edwina, she really does have egg on her face now!).

I'll be including more egg based dishes here in due course. But right now here is todays breakfast. Porridge with chia, cinnamon and sultanas enriched with egg. Simply delicious. The sultanas add sweetness, the egg richness and cinnamon spice. There is no better way to start the day!

Happy Mondays!!!

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