• Helen Phillips

Guilty Pleasures

What are your training diet guilty pleasures?

I promised that this page would include weird and wonderful nutrition ideas for (ahem) athletes. So I’m going to share with you my training guilty pleasure. My go to snack when I need a pick me up.

Its not sugar, coco or carb loaded. But full of protein and iron that my body will zap up to soothe my aching limbs and boost recovery.

My guilty pleasure isn’t to everyone’s taste. In fact, I guarantee that a fair number of you will think its gross and seriously question my foodie credentials.

My guilty pleasure is black pudding!

I LOVE black pudding. Peppery, spicy pieces of goodness I can nibble on after training. Delicious.

Did you know that a lot of distance runners are anaemic?

The cause of this is the endless pounding on treadmills and pavements, which (forgive the poor science for now) crushes your blood cells releasing precious iron that you need to transport valuable oxygen around your body. Unless you replenish that depleted iron you’re not going to be in an optimum condition to run hard.

So lets do something about it!

I’m not one for supplements, I’d much rather be getting all the nutrients my body needs from food, so its important to optimise the food you eat for the stresses and strains you place on your body.

So black pudding is perfect. The squeamish of you can switch off now …

It’s made from boiling blood, with added spices and herbs, little chunks of fat and occasionally oats. There’s no better foodstuff to eat to replenish depleted iron.

Go on try it … I dare you!

The pic is of an award winning black pudding ... with a sky remote, just to show its size!

PS More on other good foods as sources for iron later!