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Runners Recovery Custard

I’ve studied a lot about fitness and nutrition and what to eat to support marathon training.

Time and again I came across the recommendation, to drink a pint of milk after a hard exercise session, as well as the importance of getting enough protein in your diet.

I’ve always hated milk.

Ever since as a child school milk was compulsory and the milkman left the kiddy sized milk bottles in a suntrap. By the time it was morning break the milk was curdled and rancid. I would give mine away or pour it down the sink.

I drink coffee black, don’t eat cream and yoghurt. My mother in her 40’s suffered from osteoporosis and had to take calcium tablets, so I’m acutely aware of the importance of calcium in your diet, but really struggle adding dairy into my diet. I’m not dairy intolerant, there’s no allergy. I just don’t like milk.

So the idea of drinking a pint of milk (chocolate milk apparently is the athletes choice), turns my stomach.

So how to get milk and extra protein into my diet?

Of course, custard! Not “yellow plastic” custard, but real custard, baked crème caramel style custard. Two problems solved in one. Milk and eggs, and with eggs you get extra protein.

Again, this really is super easy and the size of the pudding you make can be varied, depending on the crowd you’re feeding or your hunger!

Take a bottle of milk (500ml, I was going to say pint!) and pour into a small saucepan and turn on the heat.

Boil a kettle. Find a roasting tin and a dish you will make your custard in and place that in the tin. Heat the oven to 140C (fan oven).

Break 5 large eggs into a large bowl and add 50g of sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence (not essential). Whisk the eggs and sugar until a bit frothy. By that time your milk will be almost boiling, so pour over the eggy mix and whisk until combined, then pour into your dish.

Grate over nutmeg if you like. This gives a nutmeggy skin to the custard which I love, but it might be yuk to you.

Gently put the tin in the oven, then pour in the hot water from the boiled kettle, until about half way up your dish. This creates a baine marie, which controls the temperature the custard cooks at.

Cook your custard for 1 hour then remove from the oven and allow to cool. If you have time you can cool and then chill, but more often than not, I start to eat when its still look warm.

This is a simple recipe that can be scaled up or down.

If you want to use 6 eggs, then use 600ml of milk and 60g sugar. If you want a smaller batch the maths is easy! Smaller you might need slightly less cooking, so keep an eye on it.

I find this custard fills me up, just the way milk does (or would do if I drank it!). You can eat it with soft fruit or bananas. I did try cooking with bananas, and the bananas went really soggy and brown, so I’d recommending eating with a fresh banana for a true runners desert of banana custard.

It might be nursery food, but it works!

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