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"I coach people just like you, to ensure their diet is balanced, healthy and optimised for good wellbeing and to help them achieve their running and fitness goals"

I want to make a difference to the wellbeing and fitness of everyone I work with.  I take pride in watching everyone achieve their awesome goals.  But my passionate positivity ... 

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Lisa, London Marathon

I want to thank you for the advice and support you’ve given me around nutrition for my marathon training. 


Over the past 2 weeks I've lost 3lb in weight (so that's motivating) but more importantly I'm not feeling any where near as hungry. Loving eating carbs again, after years of thinking they were the enemy.


Your advice has made me more aware of what I'm eating and why and also demonstrated to me that I need to plan what I’m eating better!

Tammy, Comrades Marathon

I just wanted to let you know I ran my very first full marathon last Saturday.


I am not a fast runner by any means, but my goal was to finish and feel good through the race and after, not feel like I could hardly make it to the end.


It was amazing!  I had good nutrition and felt great!


I owe it all to you! I followed your Marathon Club Hub Fast Track Plan and nutrition advice.


Thank you so much!!!!

Lianne, London Marathon

My coaching with Helen has been very helpful.  She’s advised me on all aspects of my training so that I can train as best I can to achieve my aims.


We’ve reviewed my training plan in detail and she gave me lots of advice about how to run my runs and why they’re in my plan. This has really helped as I was struggling to complete my threshold runs as I was running them too fast!


Helen is very supportive and tailors her advice to your needs.  I love seeing what advice she has for everyone and her live sessions are brilliant as she covers all aspects of marathon training, from what types of runs you should be incorporating into your training, to nutrition and fundraising. Thank you!

Sharon, Brighton Marathon

Hi Helen, I just wanted to share my achievement.


I've been following the Marathon Club Hub Ramp up Your Running autumn training plan and trying to sort my eating out too, as I work full time nights and that can be a massive issue for me! 


I’m on week 3 and managed 4 minutes fast running with zero “oh my god I'm going to die” kind of thoughts running through my head.


Thank you! I can definitely see progress.


Karen, Kilder Marathon

When I started working with Helen I had already run a few marathons, but I was rubbish at fuelling. The thought of food whilst running made me feel sick let alone eating.  My pace was getting slower I never had enough energy in my legs and whilst many people I knew had lost weight running, all I’d done was put it on!


I was anti-carb and had got caught up thinking I needed more protein in my diet. Helen explained this wasn’t going to give me energy for my running!  Helen suggested I keep a food diary to help me monitor my macros and keep on track - it works!


I won’t lie it was hard.  What no hash browns?  Cut down on wine??  But understanding how the ‘nutrient free calories’ were hindering my progress really helped me make better decisions.  I was eating good food, and more of it, meaning I wasn’t looking for a sugar rush for energy.


Helen also helped me with my running fuelling and hydration.  I’d always gulped down loads of water at aid stations and didn’t like the feeling of water (or food) in my stomach.  Helen got me carrying water and food on my runs.  Managing to eat Shotbloks helped with fuel - my running instantly felt better.  I’m now working on what else I can have to help even more.


When I ran my next marathon I took 54 min off my previous time.  Being injury free, well hydrated & fuelled I could run up the hills and I managed to keep going until the end.  I still have work to do but I am getting there. 


Working with Helen I lost about 4lb and I was eating more food than ever!


My pace is improving and I can feel my legs have more power, they’re not running on empty!  I’m going to keep going working on dietary and specific training to work on improving pace and strength, for even bigger results!

Julian, NYC Marathon

Before working with Helen, I was struggling with my long runs and almost passed out once.  My fuelling on long runs wasn’t right and I was worried I’d do the same in my marathon.


We worked on my nutrition and fuelling approach for the marathon.  What I should eat and when, before and during the race.


I had a great run in NYC.  It was tough but I ran strong right to the line.


The changes I made were nothing drastic, but made all the difference on the day.

Reanne, London Marathon

I had one to one coaching with Helen after getting a place for VLM19. I’m new to running and found everything I Googled confusing. I was really anxious as I’d never ran a marathon before. 


I was confused about running plans, pace, what food I should be eating, warming up, cooling down, pretty much everything!  Helen went through it all with me.  


Helen put me at ease, translated all of the running jargon for me and spent time reassuring me.  What Helen doesn’t know about running isn’t worth knowing!


Instead of feeling stressed and anxious, I’m now excited and feel confident in my plan and training.


If you’re thinking of booking a one to one with Helen, just do it, you won’t regret it!

Thank you so much Cheesecake Runner! x

Helen, Milton Keynes Marathon

I thought my diet was pretty balanced and healthy.  But I’d been feeling tired and really struggled with energy, particularly on long runs.  I wanted to see if sorting out my diet could fix it.


I also wanted to lose the pesky half-stone that had slipped on over the winter and through marathon training.  I had been struggling to lose the weight for a couple of months.  I wasn’t over weight, but I didn’t want my clothes feeling tight!  


Working with Helen made me realise how reliant on I was on chocolate, biscuits and cake treats, that I was eating too much saturated fat (from my treats and cheese) and how little protein there was in my diet. 


When I was training I wasn’t eating enough of the right fuel to get me through long runs, or eating the right foods to help me recover.


I love Helen’s enthusiasm and positive outlook – coaching calls were always fun!  I also really liked the way she didn’t tell me what to do.  She explained the facts and equipped me to make good decisions, giving me loads of great suggestions and the occasional weekly challenge! 


I’ve now got a much clearer idea about the best foods to eat to keep my weight under control and keep my energy levels up.  It’s become a habit to check my plate for the right balance, and to make good, or at least better, choices. 


I’m really pleased that over the summer working with Helen I’ve lost the half stone I wanted and more, and can even contemplate the thought of another marathon now, having sworn never to run another after the horror that was Milton Keynes marathon this year, to put your advice into practice!


Alistair, Liverpool Marathon

Back in Summer 2016 I was not a runner.  I hadn’t run for many years and had never ran a race.  I found a beginners running group who got me started.  Initially I made many of the mistakes that many new runners fall foul of. Trying to run unsustainably fast and then aching plenty the days afterwards.  But I stuck with it and within 4 months I ran my first 10k.


Christmas 2017 I set myself a goal of running Dublin marathon, so started training.


After running Milton Keynes half in May I made the decision to run Liverpool to support a friend who was wobbling and threatening to pull out.  


I was in panic mode, but I was going to support a friend so wanted to keep a lid on my nerves if I could.  Helen stepped in immediately.


She was fabulous, her calm and experienced head knew exactly how I was feeling.  Helen coached me on how to prepare, gave me ideas for my diet and mindset tricks to use for the race.  We worked on what to eat through race week, about race day food, hydration and pacing; everything I needed to get me as race ready as possible. 


Both before and after my first marathon Helen helped a huge amount.  I went from ‘rabbit in the headlights, I am not ready’, to feeling calm and focussed.  


Liverpool was never going to be an event about a time, it was just about helping my friend on the day and to the finish the race in the best physical shape.

Joanne, London Marathon

I only started running Oct17.  I was a complete novice and clueless about running.  I trained and ran VLM18 and was really gutted with my time so for VLM19 i wanted a bit more expert advice.

I loved that Marathon Club Hub is personal and the monthly and weekly live video broadcasts were an opportunity to ask my questions.  It was great that I could also ask questions beforehand and use playback if I couldn’t be there live.


Marathon Club Hub has given me a much better idea on how to improve my performance through doing different types of training for my marathon and not just going out for long runs.


I’m also more confident about fuelling my long runs from the advice and support given.


Through the Marathon Club Hub community it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one with my questions!

Lynne, London Marathon

I was recommended to talk with Helen by a friend. I got in touch and am so glad I did.


I had been following her advice and coaching in her Marathon Club Hub and then had a one-to-one Get Set for Your Marathon Training call, and her advice has been invaluable.


I was concerned about how to get back to training after an injury and what to fuel with on long runs and the marathon to avoid the dreaded wall.  Helen helped answer these questions and gave me so many pieces of advice and tips I now feel completely motivated.


Helen is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and has such a warm, friendly nature. She is so enthusiastic, you cannot help but be inspired!


I would highly recommend first timers, or seasoned runners who have lost their mojo, maybe due to injury or diet issues join Marathon Club Hub and have a coaching call with Helen. She is pleasure to work with.