Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training

Are you running your first marathon

this spring?

How to go from feeling excited you’ve secured yourself a place,
yet apprehensive about how
you’re going to train …
To being confident you know exactly how to train for your first marathon next spring! 

If you’ve got an hour or so to spare



👍  Even if you’re out of shape

👍  Have no real running experience, and

👍  Never trained for a race before

Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training

Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training is quick start coaching,

to give you the key advice, information and support to get you 

confident to train to run your marathon this spring

Your Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training calls will give you get-started-now training advice that’s specific to you, your current fitness, lifestyle and running experience

Plus a follow up call to check in on your training a little later.


I’m Helen, the Cheesecake Runner

Over the past few years I’ve trained hard, tuned up my lifestyle, focused on my running goals, and recently ran my 10th marathon.


But I wasn’t always this fit and focused


Back in 2012 I was overworked, overweight, stressed and burnt out.  

I started running.  Slowly.  From scratch.

I ran my first half spring 2013 and I’ve not looked back.


Finishing VLM15 was emotional ... I was hooked!


I now train and run multiple marathons each year.

 I’m not fast, I’m just focused.  

It hasn’t been easy, I’ve had my up’s and down’s,

but learned so many lessons I’d love to share.


I’ve ignored experienced runners advice and not followed plans

(from fear and nervousness, or thinking I knew better).

I’ve eaten like a pig, piled my plate and paid the price, and

I’ve over worked and over trained and got injured.


I don’t want you to make these same mistakes along

the journey to your marathon day dream!

I know you want to succeed!

👍  You want to be confident you’re training right to run

your marathon this spring


👍  You want to know how to get going right now and

ramp up your running for your race


👍  You want to know why you should do intervals and hills and

why you can’t find a plan that ‘practices’ 26.2 miles


👍  You want to know how to pick up your plodder pace


👍  You want to know how to run tall and run strong,

so you don’t succumb to injury

Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training works like this


👍  First off I’ll ask you a few questions about what you’re doing right now, your lifestyle and running experience


👍  We’ll have a call, where I'll give you advice, tips and information on how you can get started with your plan, to train and run your best on race day

👍  We’ll talk about running and I’ll explain the enigma of running plan jargon, what strength & conditioning exercises to try and I’ll give you tips to tune up your diet and ideas to manage your motivation when you just don’t feel like going out to run


👍  AND I’ll answer your most pressing marathon training questions


👍  Finally, a few weeks later, we’ll have a follow up to check on your training and for other tips, topics and questions.


Sound good?

Your Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training call will give you advice, tips and information that's right for you to get set to train for your marathon this spring

😫 You could ask around Facebook for info on how best to train 😫


You can find out almost anything on the Internet and from your ‘new friends in your phone’.  But how do you know that the advice given is right for you?  It’ll cost hours of your time to find out answers to your most pressing questions, when you could be running, with family or raising funds for your favourite charity.



😫 You could download a 16 week training plan you’ve found on the Internet 😫


It’ll be free.  But is the plan right for your fitness and goals?  Will it fit in with your busy life?  And do you know how to do each running workout to get the most from the plan?


A free plan is just that, a plan.  If you’re new to running or training for a marathon you NEED TO KNOW how to execute the plan properly, as well as working on everything else you need to do to prepare effectively for your marathon, such as getting your diet right, working out how to fuel you long runs and managing your mind-set right to push through training when workouts get hard.


OR You could work with a personal trainer or running coach throughout your training, which could be very costly!



With a Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training Call you are not only saving that time and money but also getting the assurance that you'll be confident you know how to train and run your marathon this spring.

🏆🏆🏆  Stated differently with Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training I’m handing you back both time and money to focus on training for your marathon this spring!  🏆🏆🏆

Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training, includes an initial assessment, 60 minute coaching and a 30 minute follow up call and costs just £99!

Are you in? Here’s how to get started ...


1.  Click the “Book Your Get Ahead with Your Marathon Training Call NOW!” button below to email me to confirm you’re in and submit your payment.

2.  After you submit your payment, I’ll send you your welcome packet.

3.  Once that’s been signed, you’ll be given access to your Get Ahead With Your Marathon Training questionnaire for me to learn more about you, your goals and where you are with your running right now.

4.  When your prep work is complete, we’ll schedule your coaching call for loads and loads of advice, tips and support just for you. 

5.  We’ll have our call, then arrange for a follow up a few weeks later to see how you’re getting on and to answer any outstanding questions you might have.


Any questions?  Email me right here 👉