Workplace Fitness and Nutrition

There is a growing awareness of the importance of wellness in the workplace as more and more companies adopt a strategy to promote both health and well being initiatives to their workforce.

Despite this, many of the corporate fitness initiatives that are being offered are divergent from the realities of a company's culture, the demands that a modern day office environment place on staff and the challenges of balancing the desire for a healthy workforce with the achievement of a company's financial goals.

While subsidised gym memberships, healthier options in the staff canteen and corporate sponsored fun runs are well intentioned without a cohesive strategy they rarely result in significant improvement in either overall workforce physical fitness or well being.

Our approach is to build a strategy that balances your goals for improved staff health andwellness, corporate culture as well as your financial and business objectives.

Planning Your Strategy

Wentworth Wellness begins by working with our corporate customer to build support for a cohesive strategy based on the following key elements:

  • Sponsorship - Is the initiative actively embraced by the CEO and organisation leaders?

  • Relevance - Does the initiative address specific wellness issues experienced by workers?

  • Culture - Does the initiative fit with the realities of the every day corporate working environment?

  • Inclusiveness - Will the initiative target and include those most at risk of wellness issues, or just taken up by those already passionate about their health, fitness and lifestyle?

  • Return on Investment - What are the goals for the initiative, can they be measured and will these goals deliver actual workforce wellness results?