Eat Right for Running

Are you confused about what to eat when you run?

Do you need to lose a few pounds or are you constantly hungry and trying to lose weight and train?

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I'm Helen, The Cheesecake Runner

I'm a nutrition coach and I run marathons for fun!



How to go from feeling frazzled, frustrated and a failure at running …


to being energised, focused, confident and strong ...


using the exact system I have used to lose weight and get fit, fast and strong


Without going on a crash detox diet

Without drinking green smoothie protein shakes 

Without doing body bursting high intensity HIIT

If you’ve got half an hour or so for a call




👍  Even if you’re carrying a few extra pounds

👍  You're not great in the kitchen

👍  And your diet is overstuffed with ready-meals, takeaways and snacks

Eat Right For Running can (and WILL) 

Help you to finesse your foods

To tune up your taste buds for training

So you can rapidly ramp up your running results


Without giving up gin, pausing on Prosecco or quitting cake!

What if some small changes to your diet could solve all your running problems?

Increase your speed, resilience and stamina like

"Whoop, Whoop, I've got this!"

Fitted with your busy life, family’s pickiness, your training commitments and allowed you to still enjoy your life?

Here’s a secret: It can!

No eye rolling (I can see you!)

Does this sound familiar? …


You’re running on CRAZY with little result

You’re dashing around like mad. Working, shopping, stopping the kids squabbling and wrestling with your husband over who’s turn it is to take the bins out … finally getting out the door for a quick jog around the block, before grabbing something, just anything, to eat before collapsing into bed.


You’re unsure how you’re going to cope with the training for your next race

You’ve a plan stuck to the fridge door and the kids are diligently colouring in blocks as you complete your runs.  But you feel like you’re out of control. How the heck are you going to get all this done, keep all plates spinning and have the motivation and energy to run?


You know you need to focus and eat right to lose a little weight, but you’re losing motivation

And having the training plan on the fridge door isn’t helping. A little treat of chocolate caramel cheesecake after a late evening 5k jog isn’t going to hurt … is it?

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You’re frustrated with the conflicting information you’re getting

Someone at work tells you it’s so easy, he runs 'on air' and suggests an elite athletes newly published ketogenic no carbs diet plan


You go online and your favourite buff celeb is endorsing

“No carbs, coconut oil, avocado, spiralise courgettie, cauliflower rice, juice only, miso infused, gluten free, lactose poison, vitamin nutrient laden green protein shake only diet ... to achieve killer results in 30 days”

Have you tasted that stuff … it’s vial!

smoothie 1.jpg

You know you should eat more lean meat and veg … But how you gonna do that?

The younger kids refuse anything home cooked, your daughter has just announced she’s going vegan and your husband picks at anything not made from the rear end of a cow.  You’re tearing your hair out cooking separate meals for each of them.

So you resort to Betty’s Brilliant Box of Bonbons for yourself.

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You’re scared ... and the clock is ticking

Your race is only weeks away and you’re massively underprepared.

And when you hopped on the scales this morning, after all that running you’re putting on weight!


How the heck can that be happening?!?


Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?


Well ... you're in the right place

Read on my friend ...

I want to introduce you to my secret weapon


Eat Right for Running



Eat Right for Running is my step by step nutrition coaching 

for runners  ... It's eating advice that works for your training!


Over 8 week's I’m going to guide you through the basics of good and healthy nutrition and how you can apply it to 'life'.

So you can stop spinning plates and start to run with more energy,

lose those excess pounds for summer and enjoy your life NOW!



Discover ALL the strategies I’ve used to go from a depressed, work-a-holic, overweight, wine and cheese guzzling couch potato to a fit, lean, go getting, goal achieving sub 4 hour marathon runner … at aged 50!



And the best part? I’ll give you meal ideas and recipes your family will love you’ll make over and over again even once the marathon is over.

I’m Helen, the Cheesecake Runner

Over the past few years I’ve trained hard, tuned up my lifestyle, 

focused on my running goals, and recently ran my 10th marathon.


But I wasn’t always this fit and focused


Back in 2012 I was overworked, overweight, stressed and burnt out.  

I started running.  Slowly.  From scratch.

I ran my first half spring 2013 and I’ve not looked back.


Finishing VLM15 was emotional ... I was hooked!


I now train and run multiple marathons each year.

 I’m not fast, I’m just focused.  

It hasn’t been easy, I’ve had my up’s and down’s,

but learned so many lessons I’d love to share.


I’ve ignored experienced runners advice and not followed plans

(from fear and nervousness, or thinking I knew better).

I’ve eaten like a pig, piled my plate and paid the price, and

I’ve over worked and over trained and got injured.


I don’t want you to make these same mistakes along

the journey to your race day dream!

I know you want to succeed!

👍  You want to be confident you’re eating right to run


👍  You want to know what to eat to have enough energy to train and

not risk running out of energy on long runs


👍  You want to avoid the pitfalls of putting on weight when training and

lose a little weight along the way


👍  You want to recover quickly from your hard runs so you can give each workout your best shot


👍  AND you want to get your long runs and race day right!

Eat Right for Running - Personalised Get Started Plan

works like this ...


👍  First off I’ll ask you a few questions about your general diet and your lifestyle right now and your running, and ask you to complete a food and fitness diary


👍  Then we’ll schedule our first call for advice, tips and information on how you can get going tuning up your diet for training

👍  We’ll have 3 more calls where I'll give you more diet tips for your training such as tips around what macronutrients to be eating for energy, portion sizes to ensure you've got enough energy for exercise, and what to eat before, during and after  your runs


👍  AND I’ll answer your most pressing foodie running training questions


👍  Finally, you decide whether you would like to continue with Eat Right for Running Coaching to have weekly or fortnightly coaching to keep you on track with your diet for your training


Sound good?

Eat Right for Running gives you one to one coaching for advice, tips and information specific to you to help you eat the right foods to support your running

😫 You could ask around Facebook for info on what to eat 😫


You can find out almost anything on the Internet and from your ‘new friends in your phone’.  But how do you know that the advice given is right for you?  It’ll cost hours of your time to find out answers to your most pressing questions, when you could be out running or preparing delicious meals for your family



😫 You could download a free detox or diet you’ve found on-line 😫


It’ll be free.  But is the diet plan right for running or weight-loss whilst running?  Will it give you advice, tips, recipes and meals that fit with your busy life?  And can you be sure you'll be well nourished and have energy to run?


A free detox or diet plan is just that, a plan.  If you want to run well and lose a little weight on the way you NEED TO KNOW how to eat right to support your running and recovery, rather than just cutting out the crap and calories to iron out your curves.  

Not eating properly through training you'll risk having little energy to run ... and you're unlikely to lose weight too!


OR You could ask a personal trainer or running coach for a lose weight now meal plan.  Some personal trainers have some training in nutrition.  But how can you be sure?  Following the wrong advice could leave you 'rungry', which (trust me) isn't fun!



Following my Eat Right for Running Plan you are not only saving the time and money on questionable solutions, but also getting the ironclad assurance that you'll be confident you know how to eat right to run and have the energy to train.

🏆🏆🏆  Stated differently with Eat Right for Running I’m handing you back both time and money to focus on your fitness.  Sound good?  🏆🏆🏆

Eat Right for Running - Personalised Get Started Plan, includes an initial assessment, review of your food and fitness diary and four 60 minute review, advice and coaching calls and costs just £400 £300 through until June!

Are you in? Here’s how to get started ...


1.  Click the “Get Eat Right for Running NOW!” button below.

2.  We'll have a call so I can take you through the programme to make sure it's the best fit for you, and after you submit your payment, I’ll send you your welcome pack.

3.  Once that’s been signed, you’ll be given access to your Eat Right for Running  prep work, a short questionnaire for me to learn more about you, your diet and lifestyle, your training plan and where you are with your running right now.

4.  When your prep work is complete, we’ll schedule your first coaching session for loads and loads of advice, tips and support just for you. 

5.  Each week I'll ask you to make changes to your diet to make sure you're set up for success and ask you to keep a food and fitness diary so we can review how it's working out and make further change.  

6.  We’ll have 4 coaching calls in total to set you up for running success! 

You can book follow up calls through the duration of your training, either weekly or fortnightly depending on your goals


Any questions?  Email me right here 👉

Eat Right for Running - Group Coaching, includes 8 x 60 minute group coaching calls and costs just £150!

Are you in? Here’s how to get started ...


1.  Click the “Get Eat Right for Running NOW!” button below.

2.  We'll have a call so I can take you through the programme to make sure it's the best fit for you, your goals and your training.

3.  You'll join the Eat Right for Running coaching group for weekly tune up your diet to transform your training coaching, tips and advice.

5.  Each week I'll ask you to make changes to your diet to make sure it's set up for success.

6.  You'll join 8 weekly group coaching calls.  Each week I'll ask you to make changes to your diet to make sure it's set up for running and weight-loss success! 

During group coaching you can book discounted 1 : 1 coaching if you need more support through to achieve your goals.


Any questions?  Email me right here 👉