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I'm passionate about running, food & fitness and helping others achieve their goals ... come and join me for a great adventure to realise your marathon running dream goals

Helen, The Cheesecake Runner x

You’re frustrated and worn out?


You're running loads but not getting any fitter, faster or losing any weight.

You know you need to start running with more focus and eat a bit better, but don’t know where to start.


Your life is busy ... some days you've no time to train, then feel guilty about skipping a run, and anxious about being ready to run the race you've entered that's coming up soon!


You need someone to help and guide you, to help you train effectively with the time you've got available and keep you accountable, so you don’t slip back to your old 'ad-hoc running' ways.

Well help is at hand.  Been there … done that!  And now that’s exactly what I do!


I'm Helen, the Cheesecake Runner, and my passion is to help people, just like you, achieve their running goals.

I've been there ... done that

I changed my lifestyle, my diet and wham bamboozled my fitness.  And like you, I started from scratch.


So I know where you're coming from and what you're feeling.  I understand about the stresses of life and expectations that are getting you down.


And now as The Cheesecake Runner (can you guess my favourite things in life?) I coach new runners and first-time marathoners to achieve their long-held marathon running goals.

Through my Marathon Club Hub and Eat Right to Run coaching programmes, I'll sort out your training and your diet for good!  I give super practical advice, coach without jargon and will give you training workouts that get results and you'll love ... (Yes really!)

I'm also passionate about food.  I'm always cooking (and baking bread, biscuits and brioche) trying out and inventing new recipes.  Set me a culinary challenge and I'll devise a super surprise for you!

To learn more about how I work with my clients and how I could help you achieve amazing results click HERE!

The truth is, nothing changes ... if nothing changes!


If you want to achieve your goals, run that race, win that match or competition, lose a bit of weight (and still remain on talking terms with you family) …


Then you need to do something DIFFERENT to what you’ve been doing

Oh boy ... I had to change!


Let me take you back to how I started out on this journey, got fit and then trained for my first marathon, before I took training and eating seriously.


I was a lazy kid. My brother called me ‘porky’ and was expert at getting out of ‘games’ at school!


I went to my first aerobics class at 21 and was hooked.  After suffering badly with DOMS after that first class, within a few weeks I was a regular and ... 

Bouncing around like a Duracell bunny, in a leopard print leotard and leg warmers gyrating and funkin' my stuff 


... in as many classes as I could find across town (don't judge me ... it was the late '80's!)  I joined a gym and started to use weights and to treadmill run (yup still in that leotard!) I eventually plucked up the courage to run a 10k and a few years later a half.

Then work took over!


And when I work, I work serious, long and hard hours. Lots of business travel working away from home meant I was pretty much living in hotels for months at a time.


So when my 40th birthday was on the horizon, I decided I was going to run The London Marathon.

I went back to the gym and my compulsive treadmill running habit returned. I didn’t pay attention to my training plan, each training run was pretty much done at the same average pace.  I didn’t think about changing my diet, although I did start to eat a lot of pasta and indulge in a few Cadburys treats.  I thought marathon training, since I was burning a lot of calories, gave me permission to pig out on all those tempting treats I’d denied myself in pursuit of gym body beautiful.

That year, I wanted sub 4, but I came in at 4:50.  It wasn’t the time that was the problem, it was how I felt during and after the race.  Bad ... Really, Really Bad!

I bonked early

I remember feeling really crap and out of sorts at 10k.  I held it together, just.  By mile 20 all I could do was power-walk.  I almost passed out after crossing the line, I was sick, I couldn’t walk in a straight line, and had to sit down under a tree to compose myself before I could face my friends and family.  I couldn’t hold down anything for hours after and it took over a week for me to eat properly again.

So what went wrong?

I thought I knew it all and didn’t listen to advice.  I carb loaded ... a lot.  Boy, I pigged out on pasta!  But didn’t think about what else I needed to change in my diet  I thought training, and running miles, gave me permission to eat crap.  So my calorific intake, and intake of fat, went up.  I ate cakes, biscuits and sweets like they're going out of fashion whilst training.  But during the race I only drank water, I didn't eat or take on other fuel. I was running with a dieter mindset, that going for a run was all about calorie burn to lose weight!


All in all, I had a very unhealthy relationship with training, food and marathon running!


Fast forward a few years, to when I finally committed to a new lifestyle.


I didn’t realise it, but by 2012 I was burnt out.  I was working all hours of the day, travelling and working away from home.  Running had to fit around my busy family and social life at weekends.  Cheese and wine were my crutches, to get through my workweek, and through and out the other side of a bad relationship.

Porky was back … And this time she was super-sized!

That year I finally had my wake up call.  London 2012 Olympics I went to so many events my credit card was supercharged.  Super Saturday, Bolt's 100 and the finals of the men's beach volleyball!  I remembered what it was like to have a race adrenaline surge and endorphins sprinting through your body after exercise.  Something had to be done!

I had to get a grip.  Health, fitness and my diet were to be my priorities

And a grip I finally got!  10 years after I ran that first marathon I was back running the streets of London.  Trust me, that year I trained properly.  I studied and adopted a healthy diet focused around my training plan.  I didn’t get a sub 4, but did knock 30 minutes off my previous marathon time.


Since then, turning 50 and retraining in nutrition, running and fitness, I’ve PB-ed at Half, 10k and 5k and even ran 4 hour Marathon and have more in the tank!  I’m stronger, fitter and faster than ever before.

If Porky can do this, so can you!