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I'm Helen, The Cheesecake Runner, and I help runners achieve their running goals through my Marathon Club Hub and Eat Right to Run coaching
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Helen, The Cheesecake Runner

Joining Marathon Club Hub was the best decision I made to train for my first marathon


Having never run before applying for a place to run London Marathon 2020, I was concerned whether I had what it takes to run the full marathon distance. 

I’ve learnt so much by being a member of Marathon Club Hub that I don’t want to let go of this newfound self-belief. I’m therefore determined to enter more races, whether this means running in a race or running virtual races for the time being.


Kate, 2020 Virtual London Marathon


I went from ‘rabbit in the headlights, I am not ready’, to feeling calm, focused and ready to run!

When I entered my first marathon I was in panic-mode.  Helen coached me on how to prepare, gave me ideas for my diet and mindset tricks to use during the race. We worked on what to eat through race week, about race day food, hydration and pacing; everything I needed to get me as race ready as possible.


Alistair, 2018 Liverpool Marathon


What Helen doesn’t know about running a marathon isn’t worth knowing!


I asked for help after getting a ballot place to run London Marathon in 2019. I was new to running and found everything I Googled confusing. I was really anxious as I’d never ran a marathon before. 
I was confused about running plans, pace, what food I should be eating, warming up, cooling down, pretty much everything! Instead of feeling stressed and anxious, after coaching I was excited and felt confident in my plan, training and running the marathon itself.

What Helen doesn’t know about running isn’t worth knowing!

Thank you so much Cheesecake Runner! x


Reanne, 2019 London Marathon


On running days, I feel like there is nothing at all that I can’t achieve!


Before I joined Marathon Club Hub a 200m ‘jog’ with my little boy to the post box on the corner was a huge struggle for me!
The Marathon Club Hub New Runner Quick Start Programme was absolutely perfect for me. It was realistic and steady, all the while I was progressing and building up. I found it worked me hard, but I didn’t find it hard work as such and I looked forward to my next running day! 
I love the support that Marathon Club Hub provides. I didn’t want to join a running club, but the community of this virtual running club is amazing and incredibly supportive. 
I am so proud of myself, that I can ACTUALLY RUN and in doing so, I am showing my children a new version, a new example of their Mum. This Mum absolutely can … and is!!


Jane, 2021 London Marathon


I’ve now achieved something that I dreamed of as a young child – and now I’m 50!

I joined Marathon Hub Club because I was losing motivation, finding running and training so difficult on my own. 
I loved the structure of Marathon Club Hub. The programme, the weekly challenges, the online support, Helen’s unwavering optimism and encouragement and the other runners in our group who were just like me, and so less intimidating than seasoned runners in other groups. 
I'd never run anywhere before I started training for London, and now I’ve run a marathon! This wouldn’t have happened without Marathon Club Hub.


Carmen, 2020 Virtual London Marathon


The changes I made following your advice were nothing drastic, but made all the difference on the day


I was struggling with my long runs and almost passed out once. My fuelling on long runs wasn’t right and I was worried I’d do the same in my marathon. We worked on my nutrition and fuelling approach for the marathon. What I should eat and when, before and during the race.  I had a great run in NYC. It was tough but I ran strong right to the line.


Julian, 2018 NYC Marathon


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"I'm passionate about helping you achieve your running goals"  Helen x


A few years back I was over- stressed, over-worked and over-weight.  I had a glamorous but demanding corporate job working with clients all over the world.  But I was unfit, unhealthy and unhappy.

I turned my life around and made health, fitness and my general wellbeing my priority.  I started to eat sensibly, exercise regularly and took up running.

I'm now a nutrition coach and run marathons ... for fun!

I changed my life for ever! 

If you're up for it I can help you change yours too!


I am passionate about seeing you succeed and exceed your goals
I will support, motivate, encourage and cheer lead you on to achieve your goals
I will do my best to provide the best quality service to you at all times
I will motivate you through the ups and downs of your journey
I will provide fact based advice that is relevant to you and to you achieving your goals
Everything I do I will do with positive excitement and energy

You Got This!!!

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